First IPTechView™ BETA Training in Las Vegas

We just publicly unveiled IPTechView™ for a small subset of IP Telephony focused customers in Las Vegas to show and educate them on how they can use the IPTechView™ RMM platform to monitor and manage all their PBXs and phone systems.

The main feature, in addition to monitoring all PBXs in one platform, is the QoS monitoring. IPTechView™ has a unique 360 degrees QoS monitoring feature that monitors QoS for the entire phone system and provides data that will help track QoS issues for end points, PBXs or routers. Therefore, it helps isolate the issue even if it comes from local network switches, the Internet access provider or SIP Trunk provider.

IPTechView™ makes it easy to monitor every aspect of QoS starting with the subjective experience the end-user has for the quality of his/her call - for each phone (this actually is the QoS that counts the most since it’s when customers are on their own phone experiencing bad call quality when people decide to move on and cancel services.)  Our system will help identify if the QoS problem in the local network, the PBX, the router, the carrier or the SIP provider.

In addition to the conceptual overview, showing and educating all attendees on the use of the dashboard, technology partners also discovered automated reporting and notifications which they can use to improve their own service level and educate their customers on their SLAs.

A small group of new BETA testers emerged that will be working with ABP and IPTechView™ during the next months to help maximize the value resellers and MSPs can provide to their customers with the IPTechView™ platform for Telephony customers.