IPTechView™ presents MxMSP™ at the MOBOTIX Partner Summit in Valencia, Spain

MOBOTIX had their first European Partner Summit for the Year in Valencia Spain. MOBOTIX partners and integrators from all over Europe joined to see what is new in the MOBOTIX product line and what's changing in the overall MOBOTIX strategy. 


The most notable aspect for MxMSP™ - IPTechView's Cloud-based Managed Services Platform for MOBOTIX Solutions was the new openness of MOBOTIX as a company to collaborate with vendors like IPTechView™.

We took IPTechView™ RMM and leveraged 15 ma years of development plus 5 man years of testing and added another 6 man years plus 9 months of BETA to create a custom product for MOBOTIX partners. The new product is incredibly versatile and empowers MOBOTIX integrators to deploy, manage, and monitor all their MOBOTIX projects. MOBOTIX integrators will have one of the most versatile and robust management platforms for camera systems ever developed.

In addition to saving on travel, leveraging their tech resources much better, and being able to offer uniquely fast service levels, MxMSP™ also offers tools that help the MOBOTIX integrator move his business model from reselling and "Break-Fix" to a model of a recurring monthly managed service fee. Mx-MSP™ helps partners achieve this by flattening out the cost of providing immediate ubiquitous service to all customers and providing tools that allow the partner to educate his end-user on their uptime and services performed by the MOBOTIX partner to achieve the high level of service that was provided.

Last but not least, IPTechViews™' MxMSP™ Companion App, MxLINQ™, truely links end-users to all their cameras and provide additional value from its multi-vendor security platform. End-users can see all their cameras by projects, past events, temperature time lines, and access their analytics. End-users will also be able to interact with their service provider in case of problems, be in the know of what's going on, and what's being done on their platform in real time.

Valencia was a great venue for us to expand our European BETA customers to have good discussions about MxMSP™'s Privacy levels with knowledgeable partners interested in learning more about our architecture,  Privacy, Eu-GDPR, security, and future roadmap. 



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