IPTechView Expanding to Europe With Summer Stops in Italy, Holland

IPTechView, the remote monitoring and management (RMM) platform for complex multi-vendor solutions, has expanded to Europe this summer with important stops in Italy and Holland. Additional upcoming stops in Europe include Spain and potentially collaboration with some Nordic or Easter European partners.


Working with European security firms AA Alarm, Allnet Italia, and Gold IP, IPTechView representatives attended multiple trade show events to demonstrate IPTechView's MxMSP/MxLINQ solution and show how the platform can help Security Integrators add a new service oriented business angle and start evolving towards a Managed Service Provider (MSPs) model. IP TechView's MxMSP platform empowers partners to easily configure, manage, and monitor complex systems. IPTechView integrates with Mobotix, a high-end ip surveillance camera along with AXIS and multiple other popular IP cameras solutions and acts as a central command and control center for surveillance cameras, storage and other IP systems - ranging from monitoring and management of servers, cloud services to Generic IP devices like cameras, access control, phones and everything in between.

Built to manage complex, multi-vendor solutions all on one platform, IPTechView eliminates the need to toggle between portals and makes tasks like editing configurations, changing settings, submitting a trouble ticket or system health monitoring simple. By incorporating use of the cloud, MSPs can provide many of these services remotely without leaving the office.

IPTechView supports a variety of manufacturers including MOBOTIX, Kentix, and AXIS and will soon add Dahua and Hikvision. The platform can be branded to provide full service to individual manufacturers. MxMSP is an incredibly successful example of an IPTechView-branded solution. MxMSP and its end user companion application MxLINQ provide managed services for the MOBOTIX line of video surveillance cameras with the capability to manage connected devices, as well.

Pictured are Ciro Troccoli of IPTechView and Salvatore Villari of Allnet Italia.