IPTechView Integrates With 3CX PBX Instances, Offering Device Management, Monitoring & Alerting

3CX Partners can now manage and monitor all of their 3CX PBX instances with IPTechView’s award-winning remote monitoring and management platform.

3CX, like most manufacturers, offers some limited instance monitoring capability. The new IPTechView 3CX integration, however, provides this in a multi-vendor environment and offers monitoring, and alerting in one tool for many devices and solutions while at the same time constituting a management platform that enables immediate notification and response to resolve most problems for all connected devices.

IPTechView offers a deep integration with 3CX’s wide array of notification profiles, integration with other MSP platforms, and a variety of workflow benefits for the support team. IPTechView’s Universal IP Technology Password Vault ID is just one of the unique ways integrators can improve their workflow and reduce risks.

Along with the 3CX integration launch in March, IPTechView announced support for ABP Technology’s Safe & Easy Zero Touch Provisioning platform which is also optimized for 3CX PBX and offers multi-vendor redirect server handling optimized for 3CX Partners that install hosted systems or have on-premise systems with many remote users.