MxMSP™: a White Label and custom version for MOBOTIX Partners.

It was a few years into working on our plan to create a multi-tenant tool for resellers, IPTechViewTM.  This tool was purposed for resellers to securely monitor the system health of their customers and safely manage the solutions they sold.  We then decided to go a step further, and created a customized version of the platform for resellers in IP Surveillance, and particularly, MOBOTIX Partners. 

MOBOTIX offers unique IP cameras, that are ideally suited for a managed-services application, since all cameras are independent "small computers" in addition to being powerful surveillance cameras.  This means the cameras can be reached securely and operate on their own to store video streams, manage the size of video streams, adapt to the bandwidth and resolution of images requested (for example, depending on if it's on a phone or laptop), and provide analytics from intrusion warnings to camera system health warnings - and all without a central NVR platform or software.

These capabilities make MOBOTIX camera systems quite unique and very robust.  They can be deployed and managed independently and securely one-by-one first, and then be confederated to work together as a system with no single point of failure.  Because of this, MOBOTIX cameras are really a dream for critical IP surveillance projects. 

With MxMSP™, we offer MOBOTIX Partners a multi-tenant platform where they can privately register their customer and create projects and locations for them.  Once these are created, MOBOTIX cameras and storage equipment can be provisioned to the platform and can be connected to the respective customer location to start reporting their status. 

MOBOTIX Partners can choose to use a common notification profile or customize one on a per-customer-basis, enabling them to be notified per customer project rather than an overall profile.  Notifications can be done as SMS, emails or via ConnectWise, AutoTask or other integrated trouble ticket systems.

MOBOTIX Partners and integrators will be notified as any problems arise and can immediately drill down to the level of location and even device.  Users can not only find out what the problem is at the point, but also intervene and correct when necessary.  Most partners will keep a browser tab open or always have the dashboard showing on a visible monitor, in order to check on customer issues during the day.  This essentially enables them to create their very own NOC and rapid response center. 


With MxMSP™, you can fix problems by changing settings, uploading configuration files or updating camera firmware - regardless of the position of the cameras within the network!  The platform does not require any port-forwarding and operate with secure VPN links.  It also maintains an encrypted password vault that supports unique passwords for all cameras, creating a very private and secure environment for MOBOTIX Partners and their customers.

MxMSP™ has the option to create complex project views for each customer location.  The views can show all elements of the project including routers, PoE switches, cameras and storage units as well as other devices like access control, environmental monitoring with Kentix, and PCs for monitoring or viewing cameras.  The benefits of MxMSP™ can be extended to specific customers that require or wish to see their equipment themselves (you can set different visibility levels of information and controls, like a Read Only Mode for example). 

When using this platform, users will notice that their customer service and satisfaction level will increase because of faster and less dependent on commuting to locations.  But because users no longer have to report to a customer location to fix each and every problem, their visibility with customers will lessen as well.  MxMSP™ has addressed this by creating an option to notify a customer of work performed "on the fly" and offers partners several valuable tools to educate customers of what services were completed as well as "uptime reports" to illustrate how the services has helped the end-user actually encounter less issues!

Last but not least, MOBOTIX Partners can log any work completed on a customer project or device(s) by adding details, time and/or materials.  This allows them to generate a report to back-up their "Managed Services" contract work, whether they've decided to adopt a fixed-priced or time-dedicated billing practice.  It also ensures that they've billed for any miscellaneous elements deployed with XLS reports, so nothing falls through the cracks (integration with Intuit QuickBooks is also on the way)! 

As you can see, MxMSP™ itself is an example of a deeply-customized White Label platform.  MOBOTIX Partners can customize it even further by displaying their own company on reports while underscoring that such reports were generated by a third-party platform, which all increases credibility and value.  Not to mention, the optional footnotes feature, which can subtly ask end-users to refer the MOBOTIX Partner if they are happy with their services.

MOBOTIX Partners usingMxMSP™ will have a much easier time penetrating a "Managed Services" business model and earn recurring revenue by setting up their own levels of visibility and contracts, helping their customers actually see the level of service they are being provided.  It no longer becomes a task of persuasion and convincing, the proof is in the reports.