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Access Control - Easy and Convenient Cloud Management

Now you’ve seen the system and learned how many options there are. In this final part, it is time to see how easy and convenient cloud based management can be using the Kentix Access Control Solution - however, not only for Kentix but owners of a MOBOTIX Door Station or a Fanvil Door Phone will get the same benefits when managing their systems with us.

The Dashboard - Tells the whole story

The Access Control Dashboard shows you in one view everything you need to know: who entered when and where but also allows you access to the stored images of connected IP cameras. This is great if you quickly want to verify who entered or if the denied access was a true threat! No more switching between the Access Control side and the VMS (video management software).

Management - Complete and comfortable

Through our platform, you can easily manage the most important aspects of your access control system: Users, Doors, Time- and Access Profiles. This allows you to quickly make changes, enter new users or allow user groups special and time-based limited access to your building or buildings.

It goes without saying that we synchronize between all supported systems: Kentix, MOBOTIX and Fanvil.

Controlling Doors

The overview page of all registered door locks allow you to, again, quickly open doors without the need to access any special software. Stay on our platform for all your needs and systems.

Access connected/linked IP cameras (red markers) or open the door lock quickly by clicking on the key symbol (yellow markers).

Now we hope you agree that this is an easy and convenient way to manage your access control systems. And if so, then it’s time to order your own Starter Kit and start experiencing how powerful this access control system with cloud management really is. 

Contact us today - 972-222-1110 or! And as always, we’re here for you and any questions you might have.


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