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IoT & Access Control to Protect Your Business

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IoT & Access Control

Are you worried about what you cannot see?

In commercial spaces or public buildings, there are threats that can’t be seen with the human eye until it’s too late.  

Deploy specialized intelligent IoT to detect water flooding, and particles in the air before they become smoke. Get alerts when someone is not moving and laying on the floor. Thermal Imaging & Smart Monitoring can tell you how many people are in the room, and whether equipment that is reaching critical temperature. Control access to doors, sound overhead alerts, or notify decision-makers. 

Turning any building into a Smart Building is easy when using IPTECHVIEW with Kentix MultiSensors. You can quickly provide an all-in-one solution for integrating environmental monitoring, access control, video, and power. Today's world demands multi-vendor solutions that are open, scalable, and are simple to use, and can easily be configured by your technology partner.

Protect people, assets, and critical infrastructure. 

The IoT Gear You Need -  Preconfigured

IPTECHVIEW Is Integrated With A Full Line Of KENTIX Intelligent Sensors And Control Devices

Deploying intelligent edge devices is no longer a daunting task when they all come preconfigured for your custom project and when all units can be remotely updated and re-configured in the field.

  • Intelligent Multi-Sensors
  • Thermal Radiometry  Sensors
  • Access Control
  • Door Keypads

Access Control With Simple IoT Building Blocks


We integrated Kentix's wicked smart modular Access Control units. You can operate everything decentralized, securely and with no single point of failure. Everything is done with a few simple IoT blocks easily wired to control almost any piece of equipment that was managed by legacy on-premise standalone solutions. Super easy upgrade. Simplicity in design. Secure cloud management. Easy to use.

Simple Door Keypads, Card Readers and IoT Relays Blocks are all needed.

How IoT and Access Control Work Together to Enhance Security

Integrating IoT with access control allows commercial spaces and public buildings to be more vigilant and proactive. IoT access control systems, like the one provided by IPTECHVIEW in tandem with Kentix sensors, can detect and alert potential threats in real time, ensuring a higher level of security.

IoT and Access Control: Streamlining Management and Detection of Security Threats

In the modern age, having an efficient and responsive security system is paramount. IoT access technology, by facilitating immediate detection and notification of security threats, enhances the capabilities of traditional access control mechanisms.

The Advantages of Using IPTECHVIEW and Kentix Sensors for a Complete Smart Building Solution

Together, IPTECHVIEW and Kentix sensors provide an all-in-one solution. From environmental monitoring to access control and video surveillance, this collaboration ensures that every aspect of building security is catered for with cutting-edge technology.

Simplifying the Upgrade Process to a Smart Building with IoT and Access Control

Transitioning to a smart building system doesn't have to be complex. With preconfigured devices and the capability to control IoT devices over the internet, IPTECHVIEW ensures that the upgrade process is straightforward and efficient.

Decentralized Access Control: Eliminating the Risk of Single Point of Failure

Centralized systems often come with the risk of a single point of failure. However, the decentralized access control approach provided by Kentix ensures uninterrupted security operations, ensuring peace of mind for occupants and managers alike.

Managing and Updating Your System Remotely: The Convenience of IoT and Access Control

The capability to manage, monitor, and update your access control system from anywhere offers unparalleled convenience. With IoT access from anywhere, property managers and decision-makers can be assured of the building's security, no matter where they are.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the benefit of using IoT for access control?

IoT for access control offers advanced and real-time monitoring capabilities, enabling a more proactive and responsive security approach. Integrating IoT enables access control to be managed, updated, and monitored remotely, providing enhanced convenience and efficiency.

Can IoT sensors detect potential security threats before they occur?

Yes, IoT sensors, when integrated with systems like IPTECHVIEW, can preemptively detect potential threats such as water flooding, temperature spikes, or particles in the air before they evolve into bigger issues. They can also identify unusual activities, like a person lying motionless on the floor.

How do IPTECHVIEW and Kentix sensors work together for a complete solution?

IPTECHVIEW, in collaboration with Kentix sensors, provides a comprehensive solution that integrates environmental monitoring, access control, video, and power. This multi-vendor solution is open, scalable, and user-friendly, ensuring seamless operation for technology partners.

Is it difficult to upgrade to a smart building system with IoT and access control?

Upgrading to a smart building system using IPTECHVIEW with Kentix MultiSensors is straightforward. The platform is designed for ease of integration, offering pre-configured intelligent devices that can be remotely updated and reconfigured, ensuring a smooth transition.

Is there a risk of a single point of failure with decentralized access control?

No, the decentralized approach of Kentix's modular Access Control units ensures that operations are secure without a single point of failure, providing enhanced reliability and robustness.

Can the system be easily managed and updated remotely?

Absolutely! All units integrated with IPTECHVIEW can be remotely updated and reconfigured in the field, providing flexibility and minimizing on-site maintenance.