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POE Switches, Routers & LTE

Cloud Managed Network Infrastructure

The network infrastructure is the conduct for everything that relies on The Internet to work which is nowadays, pretty much, everything. The Network Router is the Conductor that directs traffic and makes sure everything works together safely and effectively.

We believe in a world of multi-vendor IP Edge devices such as cameras, phones, IoT, alarm, and environmental sensors coexisting in one network that will work without local servers and need secure remote monitoring & management. Devices without oversight and not serving their purpose cause most network infrastructure issues.

With that in mind, we created IPTECHVIEW™ to oversee and integrate all network infrastructure elements into a different kind and unique Edge-device (RMM) offering.


Office Routers

IPTECHVIEW™ selected DrayTek as preferred routers for Physical Security, Voice and Video to provide best QoS and secure remote monitoring and management. DrayTek offers a security router portfolio with tremendous value for SOHO, multi branch business and medium enterprises including many next-generation router features like:

  • Advanced Layer 7 Firewall
  • VPN Server/Client
  • Traffic Shaping & QoS
  • MultiWAN and Load Balancing
  • MultiLAN - VLANS
  • WiFi Controller/Management


Recommended DrayTek model families from small to large are 2133/2133ac, 2927/2927ac, 2962, and 3910. If wireless is needed, DrayTek Access Points can be added and managed from the router. There are ceiling and wall mount models as well as outdoors rated that can run WiFi6, Wave2 or Mu-mimo technologies.


Industrial LTE Routers

Many surveillance and IoT projects require placing security cameras in remote locations or vehicles in which cloud access can only be given through LTE carriers. In some other cases, LTE is required to provide some sort of Internet redundancy to conventional ISPs. What is common in all is that in addition to cloud connectivity through LTE we need to have a POE switch to power the security cameras. The IPT-LTEGate-POE is the perfect solution as it incorporates both the Router/LTE gateway and POE switch in the same ruggedized industrial device.

When only LTE connectivity is needed, the IPT-LTEgate-Lite becomes a very competitive option. It has a small form factor and low power consumption.

Both of these devices are integrated with IPTECHVIEW Cloud Video Surveillance platform to monitor the device health and to remotely access its GUI to control all settings without having to have carrier provided public or static IP addresses that are scarce and more expensive.

PoE Switches - Where the Real Power Flows

One of the most misunderstood devices is POE switches. They are often picked for price and the three main attributes FULL LOADED THROUGHPUT/FABRIC SPEED, OVERALL POWER BUDGET, POWER DRIVER DURABILITY are all neglected out of shortsightedness. And cause serious quality of service problems, constant support issues, and unbelievable damage and cost over the lifetime of the system.

The switches we picked are leaders in these aspects and also ready for remote management and monitoring to analyze local issues and troubleshoot issues on-premise without needing to go there saving a huge amount of time and money.

IP TECHVIEW, will provide secure remote direct access to managing the POE switch over its user interface (GUI) without any on-premise agent or port forwarding, all port status and associated MACs in the switch and everything connected to a port and its power consumption can be seen remotely. It also suports remote power management features like timers and Off/On for a quick reboot of any Security Camera or other PoE device that may need a power cycle after a firmware update. This feature pays for itself with one single truck-roll saved.

IPTECHVIEW recommended Office Network switches include POE and non-POE 8, 24, and 48 ports, and 1G or 10G models from DrayTek.

All come with built-in IPtechview pre-provisioned tunnels allowing true plug and play. The equipment can be dropped shipped, powered, and connected to the router. IPTECHVIEW Ready TM stands for the equipment being pre-configured for our VSaaS paltform and ready to be remotely managed.  Then Network admin can access the device securely from the cloud central management to configure simple or complex settings. Once again, DrayTek hardware delivers great value/cost options. In addition to having all standard business switches capabilities, DrayTeks have a modern easy-to-use GUI and unique Layer 2 firewall security options.

Industrial Network Switches

Same cloud management functionality is also available in ruggedized/industrial-grade hardware.


IPTECHVIEW™ Transforms Your Decentralized Edge Devices into Scalable Solutions


Secure native Cloud management of infrastructure devices like routers, core network switches plus power management on POE makes remote management a reality and changes remote service forever.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main advantage of using POE switches for network infrastructure?

POE switches, or Power over Ethernet switches, offer the convenience of transmitting both data and electrical power over the same Ethernet cable. This eliminates the need for separate power sources and cables, streamlining the installation and maintenance process. They're especially useful for devices like security cameras, phones, and other edge devices, ensuring a consistent and efficient power supply.

How does cloud management of infrastructure devices change the remote service experience?

Cloud management transforms the remote service experience by enabling real-time monitoring, management, and troubleshooting of devices from a centralized platform. It negates the need for on-site visits or interventions, resulting in significant time and cost savings. The IPTECHVIEW™ platform, for instance, allows secure native cloud management of devices like routers, PoE routers, core network switches, and even power management on PoE.

Are there any specific models or brands that IPTECHVIEW recommends for POE switches, routers, and LTE devices?

Yes, IPTECHVIEW™ recommends DrayTek for Office Routers, citing models like 2133/2133ac, 2927/2927ac, 2962, and 3910. For PoE Switches, they recommend DrayTek models, which come in POE and non-POE with 8, 24, and 48 ports and 1G or 10G options. For Industrial LTE Routers, IPTECHVIEW™ suggests using IPT-LTEGate-POE and IPT-LTEgate-Lite.

How does the IPT-LTEgate-POE solution simplify the installation process of security cameras in remote locations?

The IPT-LTEGate-POE combines both a Router/LTE gateway and a POE switch in a single ruggedized industrial device. This means that in remote locations, instead of having multiple devices, you only need the IPT-LTEGate-POE to establish cloud connectivity through LTE and power the security cameras, making the setup process more straightforward and efficient.

Can network admins remotely access and configure DrayTek devices through the IPTECHVIEW cloud management platform?

Absolutely! IPTECHVIEW™ provides secure remote direct access to manage DrayTek devices, including PoE switches, over its user interface (GUI) without any on-premise agent or port forwarding. This means network admins can securely access and configure the device from the cloud central management platform, ensuring seamless operation and management.

How does DrayTek's Layer 2 firewall security options differ from other network switch providers?

DrayTek offers a unique Layer 2 firewall security option in addition to all standard business switches capabilities. Their modern and easy-to-use GUI further enhances the user experience, allowing for a more streamlined and secure network operation compared to typical offerings from other providers.

What level of security does the IPTECHVIEW cloud management platform provide for remotely managing and monitoring POE devices and network infrastructure?

The IPTECHVIEW™ platform ensures secure native cloud management. Devices, be it routers, PoE switches, or Office Routers, come with built-in IPtechview pre-provisioned tunnels for true plug-and-play. This means that the equipment is pre-configured for the IPTECHVIEW VSaaS platform, ensuring high-level security during remote management and making remote service safer and more efficient.