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  • The IPTECHVIEW VSaaS Model

Vendor-Centric Vs. Partner-Centric VSaaS


In vendor-centric VSaaS, the cloud service provider controls most of the workflow from initial pre-sales to training. Post-sales customer support processes are managed by their project and account managers. In due time the platform vendor will fully own the customer relationship and future revenue streams for support and more.

In partner-centric VSaaS, there is no intent to take over the relationship, and the Reseller or Technology Partner is an integral part of the solution's value proposition.

The IPTECHPARTNER™ will always have the customer relationship, the onsite installation, onboarding, and long-term top two tiers of support. The IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM, a single pane IP solution remote managing platform, was made to empower partners to offer long-term support contracts and lower their cost of operations.

Correct security camera, access control, or IoT sensor installation is a key and local presence. Knowing the customers' needs, walking the property, and helping determine what cameras to get and where to install them all require someone with experience. After a successful install a professional customer onboarding will help make the new security camera system a resounding success.

A VSaaS Philosophy based on Decentralized Intelligent Systems


Decentralized intelligent devices offer a more sustainable model for networking, communications, and physical security. 

IPTECHVIEW was designed to manage diverse systems in a single cloud platform and to simplify the user experience by increasing intuitiveness while adding better accessibility & higher security.

  • Faster deployment. Minimal Hardware Requirements
  • Simpler User Onboarding. No need for cumbersome user training. 
  • Decentralized architecture based on intelligent independently operating edge devices. No single point of failure. State of the art performance.  
  • Secure remote management by your own IT team or your integration partner for lightning-fast service and huge savings.
  • Almost unlimited Scalability. From a single camera per location to hundreds or thousands of locations and devices worldwide. 
  • Highly Modular:  Multi-discipline, Constantly growing and evolving Analytics, Third-party Add-ons, and Vertical Solutions.




"Not the typical cookie-cutter VSAAS with "Vendor lock-in". IPTECHVIEW is the only cloud platform that lets customers decide where to buy from, select equipment like security cameras from multiple leading independent vendors, choose their own service partner, and to grow their system from one discipline to multiple IP solutions."


A System for Today and Tomorrow.

IPTECHVIEW enables operational parallelism.  You can continue to use Vendors' native solutions on dedicated local hardware for expert users and at the same time with IPTECHVIEW, offer the rest of your users secure yet simple & easy access over the cloud.
You get license savings and at the same time, you can provide access to more users, provide a better user experience with full access from the user's devices of choice, and simple user management (Active Directory, SSO)

Use IPTECHVIEW standalone or in parallel with a vendor/OEM/third-party VMS or analytics solutions.