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Door Stations & Access Control

Protecting People and Securing Places means taking control.


IPTECHVIEW provides access control with a selection of carefully selected leading brands. This eliminates vendor lock-in and offers choices on esthetics, functionality, and price points while staying within a range of vetted products and vendors that are committed to our values of offering a very intuitive and highly integrated solution on our platform.  


IPTECHVIEW provides choices : 

From high-end architectural video door station with control for a strike or magnetic lock.   All MOBOTIX cameras and door stations ship preconfigured to make onsite installations simple and fast. 

Doorbell, audio, video, RFID, keypad and other features like VM recording make MOBOTIX door stations one of the more feature-rich options. Different colors and frame sizes enable lots of customization. 

MOBOTIX Video Door Station for Access Control
Fanvil Audio Video Doorstation. Vandal-hardened.

Vandal-hardened cost-effective. Users can also choose from a full range of Fanvil audio and video doorstations including options for RFID card readers and two factor PIN keypads.

IPTECHVIEW supports them all, and provides cloud-based device management so users' IT team or their technology partners so the can securely and easily manage the installation remotely.

This offers ultra fast service when needed, while keeping cost of ownership at a minimum yet delivering a highly available premium solution.




IPTECHVIEW acts as a unified central management system for all door stations and access control devices.

All door stations are shipped pre-configured, IPTECHVIEW-Ready™, and can be mounted by any locksmith and access control installer. These door stations can then be securely configured and maintained for a lifetime - all remotely.

Your IPTECHPARTNER™ will learn more about your needs and then discuss your options to help you find the right door station solution for your situation. All our select door stations and other access control elements all are managed with the same system which keeps things simple. 

RFID Door Station Access Control

Stop Unauthorized Personnel from Entering Even in Areas Where You Never Thought You Need - With Easy Retrofitting Access Control Solutions from Kentix

Introducing the Kentix SmartRelay

The Kentix Smart Access solutions feature easy networking and integration, fully encrypted communication, arming and disarming switches and are controllable via the IPTECHVIEW platform - wherever you need them.


Kentix Door Access Controls by IPTECHVIEW

Streamlined System Integration: How IPTECHVIEW Simplifies Door Station Management

Integrating various door stations and access control systems can often be a complex task. However, with IPTECHVIEW's intuitive platform, managing different brands becomes a walk in the park. 

As a unified central management system, IPTECHVIEW bridges the gap between diverse door stations, ensuring you have a streamlined access control intercom system that is both efficient and reliable. Whether it's RFID integrations or IP intercom systems, IPTECHVIEW simplifies the process.

Enhance Security Measures with Additional Access Control Features

Beyond the conventional functionalities of door stations, IPTECHVIEW amplifies security measures by offering advanced features. 

From VM recording in MOBOTIX door stations to the fully encrypted communication of Kentix Smart Access solutions, IPTECHVIEW ensures that every intercom access control system under its umbrella is bolstered with the latest in security technology. With easy retrofitting solutions and remote management capabilities, enhancing the safety of your premises has never been easier.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any compatibility issues between the IPTECHVIEW platform and the various door station brands you offer?

The IPTECHVIEW platform is designed to be versatile and supports a selection of carefully vetted leading brands. Whether it's MOBOTIX cameras, Fanvil audio and video door stations, or Kentix SmartRelay solutions, all are integrated to work seamlessly with IPTECHVIEW, eliminating vendor lock-in.

Can the door stations be integrated with an existing access control system?

IPTECHVIEW acts as a unified central management system for all door stations and access control devices. While it's designed to work seamlessly with the brands offered, you'd need to consult with an IPTECHPARTNER™ for specifics regarding integration with existing systems.

How does the remote management of door stations work?

IPTECHVIEW provides cloud-based device management. This enables users, their IT teams, or technology partners to securely and easily manage the installation from anywhere. This remote management ensures ultra-fast service and convenience.

What happens if there is a power outage or loss of internet connection? Will the door stations still work?

While certain functionalities may be affected, many of the access control intercom systems have local features ensuring basic functionalities remain active. It's always recommended to consult with your IPTECHPARTNER™ for specific product capabilities.

Are the door stations weather-resistant? Can they withstand harsh outdoor conditions?

With options like the Vandal-hardened Fanvil Audio Video Doorstation, many of our products are designed for durability and to withstand challenging conditions. However, specifications might vary by product, so always check the product details or consult with your IPTECHPARTNER™.

Are there any options for two-factor authentication with the door stations?

Yes, options such as RFID card readers and two-factor PIN keypads are available, enhancing the door stations' security measures.

Can the door stations be customized to fit the aesthetic of my building?

Absolutely! MOBOTIX door stations, for example, offer different colors and frame sizes for enhanced customization to match your building's aesthetics.