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Alarm Ready ™

  • Alarm Ready™

Instant Alarm System Integration at the Speed of Sound

IPTECHVIEW AlarmReady™ provides instant integration with almost any alarm system, giving owners or monitoring centers a reliable high-quality video verification solution. Notifications can be configured by the user and by time ranges to alert by SMS, email, and even SLACK and provide an instant view of what is going on at any covered locations.

The solution is scalable starting with a single 360° ceiling-mount camera or 180°  wall-mount camera expandable to as many cameras and locations a customer may need. Installation is wicked fast with all cameras preconfigured to the IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM platform for instant deployment and immediate secure access for customers via IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE on the devices of their choice - be it a smartphone, tablet, or laptop.

See What Is Going On.

Universal Video Verify with AlarmReady ™

Works with practically any alarm system.
Get SMS and Email Notifications within seconds.
Send to owner, managers and/or a central station.

AlarmReady Video Integration with Business Alarms
Screenshot Example of AlarmReady Video Feeds on your Phone


Best, AlarmReady can be combined with higher-end cameras that have Artificial Intelligence like the MOBOTIX Mx73 or with a cloud-based optional second stage (A.I. processor) to practically eliminate any false alarms. Use optional Calipsa False Alarm detection for extra peace of mind that you will receive positive alarms and eliminate false alarms. (Measured accuracy is above 98%). 

Alarm Video Verification has never been as fast and as Easy as with IPTECHVIEW's AlarmReady TM Cloud Video Surveillance Platform.

Also IPTECHVIEW with pre-configured MOBOTIX cameras becomes one of the fastest deployments possible lowering your installation cost and getting your site secured in record time.

All cameras are pre-configured to connect to the customer’s account as soon as the cameras get powered up on a POE switch with access to the Internet and will securely connect with a VPN tunnel without the need to open up ports on the end user’s firewall.

Ceiling cameras get installed by simply drilling a hole into the ceiling tile with a standard tool, clipping in the camera and connecting it with an RJ45 cable to the nearest PoE switch. Inexpensive PoE injectors can be added if no PoE ports are available. Many customers can install the cameras themselves in the center of the room. There is no focusing needed and no positioning since it is a 360-degree camera. Even the integration to the existing alarm-system can at least initially be done remotely if an alarm siren is near the camera by tuning an audio sensitivity alarm in the camera and triggering it by the alarm system. A dry contact wire connection can be added at a later time for silent alarms.

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