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Embracing the Future with Cloud Video Surveillance: A Strategic Shift for Resellers

"How do I sell Cloud-Based Video Surveillance to my Customers?"

Many of our reseller partners, like you, are often conflicted about how to sell a subscription-based model. We created this blog to help with this issue.

Successful resellers excel by fully grasping and conveying the cloud's benefits to customers. Begin with traditional sales steps, identifying and solving the customer's problems, while highlighting the unique advantages of cloud-based solutions as part of your unique selling points (USP).

Differentiation is key. Show what sets your company apart, emphasizing the cloud as not just an alternative, but a strategic choice. Address any hesitations about the shift from upfront payments to a recurring model directly, illustrating the value and flexibility it offers.

Face-to-face discussions are crucial, especially early on. Use this opportunity to delve into the customer's past experiences with recurring models, educating them on the benefits and addressing any concerns. Make it clear that opting for the cloud is a choice that aligns with their needs, offering comparisons to traditional solutions to underscore the cloud's value.

Encourage open dialogue about any objections, presenting the cloud as an option, not an ultimatum. Highlight cost savings and other benefits to ensure customers see the full picture, making an informed decision that's right for them.

Benefits to the End-User and your Customers:

presenting benefits to customers and end users

Lower Upfront Costs, Pay-As-You-Grow Flexibility: VSaaS significantly reduces the initial investment for clients, making advanced surveillance technology more accessible. Clients pay only for what they need, with the flexibility to scale over time. Unlike hefty one-time investments in on-premise systems, VSaaS ensures optimal resource allocation, tailoring the service to the client's current needs while leaving room for growth.

Simpler Installations: Direct camera-to-cloud installations are simpler, requiring only cameras, a PoE switch, and a connection to the company's router. This approach means fewer cables, less rack space, less equipment to configure, and simpler maintenance. No servers imply no single point of failure and fewer local security issues.

Enhanced Service Delivery: The VSaaS model transforms the approach to maintenance and support. By offering real-time monitoring and remote service capabilities, resellers can provide a more responsive and agile service level, enhancing client satisfaction while reducing support costs and complexity.

Staying Ahead of the Technology Curve: In an age of rapid technological change, VSaaS provides a dynamic solution. Cloud-based platforms are more adaptable, allowing for quicker updates and keeping clients at the forefront of technology.

Future-Proofing: IPTECHVIEW's commitment to new solutions like access control, video intercom, environmental sensors, vertical expansion modules, and integrating both in-camera AI and cloud AI extensions demonstrates the future-proof nature of VSaaS.

Benefits for the Technology Partner:

benefits for technology partner

Faster Installations: IPTECHVIEW's cloud-based VSaaS solution simplifies and speeds up installations, enabling next-day deployment with pre-configured cameras. This eliminates the need for complex server setups and network configurations.

Scalable Business Model Without Increasing Workforce: IPTECHVIEW's streamlined management system allows technology partners to handle more projects and expand their geographical reach without significantly increasing their workforce.

Partner-Centric Approach: IPTECHVIEW operates as a partner-centric VSaaS, where the platform serves as the processor while the reseller retains control of customer data and relationships. This approach allows the reseller to manage all business transactions and service interactions, enhancing their credibility and agency. IPTECHVIEW supports resellers but does not interact directly with end-users unless requested. This model is vital for maintaining close customer relationships and offering personalized remote service plans, leading to higher customer satisfaction and long-term business collaborations.

Centralized Management Platform: IPTECHVIEW offers a consolidated interface for managing all installations, streamlining surveillance management, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Future-Proof Business Strategy: Partnering with IPTECHVIEW aligns resellers with a forward-looking model, offering advanced solutions like AI integration, access control, and video intercom.

The transition to a subscription-based model with a partner-centric solution line IPTECHVIEW is not just a shift in sales strategy but a strategic alignment with the future of surveillance technology and an upgrade to your own business model where you increasingly add more of your own recurring services. It also provides a foundation for a longer-term relationship that includes annual planning sessions with customers to assess new needs, train new people, or expand the customers' solution to incorporate new functionality.


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