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Expand Your Offerings and Elevate Your Client Relationships with Our New Video Surveillance Solutions

As our valued partner, you've successfully equipped businesses with top-tier IP phone solutions, enhancing their communication systems and streamlining their operations. Now, we're excited to introduce an opportunity that will diversify your product offering and significantly elevate your status from a vendor to a comprehensive technology partner.

Embrace the Future of Integrated Technology Solutions

The demand for robust security solutions is rising, with video surveillance at the forefront of this surge. By integrating IP cameras into your portfolio, you can offer seamless, state-of-the-art security solutions that complement the IP phone systems you already provide. This multidisciplinary approach not only meets your customers' growing security needs but also enhances your competitive edge in an evolving market.

Stay Ahead in a Competitive Landscape

It’s vital to adapt as the industry evolves. Many IP camera resellers have begun offering IP phone solutions, recognizing the need to provide comprehensive technology solutions. To remain competitive and relevant, expanding your offerings to include both IP phone and IP camera solutions will ensure your business is the go-to expert for all things tech, preventing your customers from turning to competitors and reinforcing their loyalty to you.

Increase Revenue and Strengthen Customer Relationships

Your expertise in IP technology lays the perfect foundation for introducing IP cameras into your business. This addition promises attractive revenue opportunities and solidifies your relationships with clients. Addressing a wider range of their needs ensures that your business is indispensable as their technology partner.

Video Surveillance is a key need. With IPTECHVIEW you can two add way audio speakers, add video intercom/door stations,  and expand all the way to access control if needed in the same platform. You will be offering your customer a blended solution that contains both VoIP and Video.

Let’s Explore the Possibilities Together

We encourage you to schedule a demo to explore how our new IP camera solutions can seamlessly add to and even integrate with your current phone offerings. This is an excellent opportunity to see the potential for growth and customer satisfaction firsthand

Full Remote Support

IPTECHVIEW is a partner-centric cloud Video Surveillance as a Service (VSaaS) that is fully managed and operated by IPTECHVIEW. You simply sell the cameras. These ship out preconfigured for your partner cloud account. You create a sub-account for each customer and drag the camera order into your customer's account and the Cloud VMS is created. All camera setup can be done remotely and ABP’s support team is available to help and train you as you master your initial projects.

There is a lot to learn but we are here to help and have trained many partners like you for the last years.

Simple User Interface

Your customers too will be delighted with the way and intuitive user interface. Our vision was to create a system that democratizes video surveillance so all authorized users can access it. The system is designed for staff, managers and security professionals like loss prevent to do their job.

Affordable Preconfigured Cameras

IPTECHVIEW also now comes with its own direct-to-cloud camera line that is affordable, optimized for cloud and ships preconfigured. These cameras shave of more than 50% of the setup time other cameras have. This reduces your install time significantly and gives you a business advantage. Our remote management derisks installations further since once cameras are plugged in and pointed right everything else can do setup remotely.

Recurring Revenue

With IPTECHVIEW partner make more than with most phone commission plans that max out at 20% IPTECHVIEW gives partners a  25% margin on  yearly subscriptions. 

Ad cameras get smarter with in-camera AI uses want to do more but need their technology partners assurance for these follow-on projects.

Many partners sell their own remote service plan on top of the subscription to offer these services and get an additional income stream.

Training and Support

ABP provides regular online one-on-one and in-house training events as well as pre-sales and post-sales support. We have helped over 500 surveillance partners get started and have your back in this next step of our joint IP Technology venture.

Get Started Now

To start, let's schedule a demo at your convenience and discuss how we can support you in this exciting new venture. Additionally, we offer a starter kit that provides all the necessary tools to get you up and running easily—without any commitment or overwhelming sales pressure.

We're excited to support you as you expand your technology solutions. Let’s make this transition from only phones to a full IP Technolgy Partner as smooth and successful as possible.


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