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This article analyzes Genetec Stratocast and IPTECHVIEW, two cloud-based video surveillance systems. Genetec Stratocast offers a user-friendly, scalable solution with various cloud storage options. IPTECHVIEW focuses on multi-vendor compatibility and ease of installation.

The following sections will compare their camera enrollment, storage options, analytics, pricing, and other features to help you decide which system best suits your security needs.

About Genetec 

This is a well-known provider of security solutions, and Stratocast is their cloud-based VMS system that makes the adoption of network video security solutions easy and allows you to connect to your business wherever you go. Using the Microsoft Windows Azure cloud-computing platform, Stratocast eliminates the need for on-site servers. As a result, installation time is reduced and you can begin monitoring your premises quickly.

It provides video monitoring, recording, and management features with a focus on simplicity and scalability. Genetec has more than 1800+ employees worldwide.


  • Camera Enrollment. Genetec supports a wide range of industry-leading cameras, from well-known manufacturers like Hanwa, Vivotek, Axis, MOBOTIX, iPro, and Bosch. High Availability and Scalability allow customers to enroll and record as many cameras as needed without impacting the service as there are no constraints limiting the maximum amount of data.
  • Cybersecurity. Security is crucial for us at every level of development and operations. Genetec praises its platform as Secure by Design.
  • Form Factor Offerings. Options for 1 to 3 Years are available on 3 options: Basic (5FPS), Standard (10FPS), and Premium (15FPS)
  • Other devices supported.   Encoders, cloud and storage devices, intercoms, video surveillance equipment, and access control hardware
  • Storage options. Recordings from 7 days, 14, 21, 30, 60 and 90 days retention.
  • Installation. With no servers to install or update, easily connect your cameras to the Stratocast system and be ready to go in under 3 clicks.
  • Analytics. Motion Detection, people and vehicle detection, and object tracking.
  • ONVIF/RTSP Support. With their product Omnicast they can offer hybrid recording, seamlessly combining on-premise and cloud storage on different ONVIF platforms. 

Features offered

Smart Video SearchMap View
VideowallVideo Dashboard


VMS License*1 Year$84$63
Cloud Storage (30 days retention)*1 Year$192$144
Total 1 Year1 Year$896$672
Total 3 Years***3 Year$1407$1055

* Company shows monthly price per camera with 1280x720 resolution and 60 days retention @ $29.95, so the recording 30 days retention only license was assumed at $7 per month. VAR discount is supposed at 25% on licenses

** For comparison purposes we are using a Mobotix camera Mx-VB2A-5-IR-VA 5 Megapixel Network IR Vandal Bullet Analytics Camera with a 25% discount 

*** We did not find multi-year discounts and we assume it at 5%


IPTECHVIEW, a partner-centric cloud video surveillance (VSaaS) solution, empowers businesses with a user-friendly, scalable security camera system. Designed to address projects from single-site to large, multi-enterprise deployments, IPTECHVIEW avoids vendor lock-in, offering integrators a secure, comprehensive remote management platform. This streamlines installation, remote management, and health monitoring for business security cameras.

  • Integrators can seamlessly enroll cameras with IPTECHVIEW's provisioning tool. "Just Cameras and Cloud" technology eliminates the need for local support, allowing customers to directly connect smart cameras to IPTECHVIEW's cloud storage. This centralizes project management for integrators, who can choose from various cloud feature levels.  IPTECHVIEW's advanced cloud storage eliminates the need for local servers with hard drives or NAS devices. User access is simplified with single sign-on, two-factor authentication, and easy privilege management.

Remaining multi-vendor friendly, IPTECHVIEW offers multiple options within each product category. Supported business security cameras include industry leaders like AXIS and MOBOTIX, alongside IPTechView Universal and lower-cost NDAA-approved OEM cameras

  • Cybersecurity. IPTECHVIEW prioritizes security.  Our smart cameras come pre-configured for individual user accounts and utilize encrypted tunnels to transfer data securely to our encrypted servers. Firewall ports remain closed, safeguarding users and simplifying secure deployment for IT departments. Cameras can be monitored and managed 24/7, with a "privacy mode" available when maintenance isn't required.
  • Form Factor Offerings. Video security licenses (for recording in camera) are offered for 1 year, 3 years, and 5 years or longer with cloud storage for 30 days, 60,...365 days additional storage.
  • Other devices supported. Expanding beyond cameras, IPTECHVIEW offers a truly versatile platform.  It seamlessly integrates with various IP devices from different vendors, including access control systems, video door stations, communication equipment (paging), and environmental sensors. This multi-vendor approach minimizes vendor lock-in and allows you to leverage best-in-class solutions for each need, future-proofing your system. IPTECHVIEW partners with leading camera brands, access control and IoT vendors, routers, and PoE switch manufacturers to create a cohesive ecosystem for comprehensive security management.
  • Installation. IPTECHVIEW simplifies deployment. Cameras arrive pre-configured, minimizing on-site setup time and costs. Once cabling is complete, the system is ready to go quickly and affordably. Updates are delivered automatically through the cloud, ensuring your system stays current. Remote maintenance and management capabilities eliminate or minimize the need for on-site visits, reducing travel costs and enabling faster service.  Subscription plans include affordable remote maintenance options and hardware warranties, eliminating surprise expenses.
  • Storage options with 30, 60, and 365 days retention plus edge storage at the camera.
  • Analytics. IPTECHVIEW empowers you with intelligent video analytics. Leverage features like smart intrusion prevention, cross-line detection, and enter/leave area monitoring with target classification. Gain valuable insights with people counting, crowd density monitoring, vehicle analytics, license plate recognition, and heat maps.  Overlay floor plans for intuitive visualization and utilize cross-product insights to unlock the full potential of your security system.
  • ONVIF/RTSP Support. IPTECHVIEW is built for scalability and multi-vendor integration.  Its core design allows you to seamlessly access data, control, and operate across various technology solutions, regardless of brand.  This translates to fewer applications for users to learn, simplifying support and reducing overall costs.  At its core, IPTECHVIEW represents a unified platform for secure remote access and support for all your IP-based security solutions.


VMS License*1 Year$120$90
Cloud Storage (30 days retention)*1 Year$60$45
Total 1 Year1 Year$429$311
Total 3 Years3 Year$591$560

* Company offers VAR discount of 30% on licenses

** We are considering the IPTechView Universal Camera U1-BLT-5F28 camera. 30% discount to partners

*** 5% discount is offered for (3 years) license

Comparisons of Features: 

This section delves into how Genetec Stratocast and IPTECHVIEW stack up on key features, including camera enrollment methods, storage options, video analytics capabilities, and pricing structures. By understanding these factors, you can determine which system delivers the best value and functionality for your specific security requirements.

Camera EnrollmentIt supports a wide range of industry-leading cameras, from well-known manufacturers like Hanwha, Vivotek, Axis, MOBOTIX, iPro, and BoschMOBOTIX, Axis, and Universal cameras are supported in Cloud direct mode (all NDAA compliant). Also, some popular non-NDAA-compliant cameras like HiKvision & LTS can be used with a security gateway.
Form Factor OfferingOptions for 1 to 3 Years are available on 3 options: Basic (5FPS), Standard (10FPS) and Premium (15FPS)1-3-5 years licenses with 30-60 days of additional cloud storage
Other devices supportedEncoders, cloud and storage devices, intercoms, video surveillance equipment, and access control hardwareIntegration with IPTECHVIEW ecosystem like access control systems and environmental sensors from Kentix, DrayTek routers and switches, Fanvil’s intercoms, IPTECHVIEW LTE gateway, and 3CX and Epygi IP PBXs among others.
InstallationWith no servers to install or update, easily connect to the Stratocast systemPreconfigured cameras (Axis, MOBOTIX, Universal) are available in the cloud immediately after the camera connects to the broadband, to review footage and configure settings. The configuration file is available for download to be used with previously purchased cameras.
VisualizationWeb-basedCloud-based via Web
Storage optionsRecordings from 7 days, 14, 21, 30, 60 and 90 days retention.Edge recording in SD card (offered 128GB with the camera and expandable to 512GB). Cloud retention is offered for 30 ,60 ,90 ,..365 days.
AnalyticsMotion Detection, people and vehicle detection, and object tracking.Smart intrusion prevention, cross line, intrusion enter/leave area detection. Based on target classification. Intelligent People counting analytics, Crowd Density Monitoring, Vehicle Analytics, License Plate Recognition, Heat Maps, Floor Plans, Cross Products Insight. 
Onvif supportYes, using Omnicast they can offer hybrid recording, seamlessly combining on-premise and cloud storage on different ONVIF platforms. Yes, using IPTECHVIEW CAMGate
Price per license (VMS+30CL)$23/month/camera$15/month/camera

Visual Comparison of GENETEC vs IPTECHVIEW

The following table provides a side-by-side comparison of Genetec Stratocast and IPTECHVIEW's key features. This visual representation allows you to easily assess their functionalities and determine which system aligns better with your priorities. Consider factors like video search capabilities, the importance of map views, and the need for a video wall or advanced video dashboard.

Video Search
Map View
Video Dashboard
Video wall


Genetec Stratocast leverages cloud technology for central access and scalability. They offer cloud-direct drivers for several cameras similar to IPTECHVIEW but require the loading of new separate firmware on these devices. IPTECHVIEW utilizes Open VPN tunnels that can be configured with its provisioning tool on the fly and therefore, is much easier to install.

IPTECHVIEW also offers additional features like AlarmReady TM, a universal alarm system Integration, Recent Activity, and a more flexible and powerful player for loss prevention users. IPTECHVIEW presents a competitive alternative to Genetec with similar features at a more attractive price point.


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