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Streamline Access with ALPR and Know Which Vehicle Should Be Where with Precision


Opening up your property to guests and public access seems harmless enough until you actually do it. There is no getting around the reality that vehicles are a principal mode of transportation to arrive at any property.

(PAVes) the way to position your security footprint into the “know” of what vehicle entered from which direction, how many vehicles have passed through a given time, highlighting prowlers that have returned more often within a given hour than is typically expected. Time and attendance are not always limited to human traffic, and with ALPR, statistical reports afford you an easily consumable set of data to determine what resources are under and over-utilized, including visitors that have overextended their welcome.

ALPR Automatic License Plate Recognition
Traffic Access Control Technology (TACT)

Traffic Access Control Technology (TACT) extends your guest experience from a subtle decorum that pleasantly authorizes a driver to proceed through motorized gates while enforcing strict adherence to a non-escalating denial of entry. ALPR enabled IoT Surveillance Cameras to quickly capture, read, and look up simple and complex license plates, then command fence line gates, bay doors, roll up gates, garage doors, and parking barriers based on your predefined conditions. If a plate is not listed to gain or reject access, “call out” rules can be configured to work with VoIP phones, Intercoms, Home Automation, Security Desks, Group Messenger Webhook enabled applications & mobile devices for seamless operation.

Bursting Active Response Konnector

(BARK) sounds off in real-time for complex ALPR solutions through IPTECHVIEW’s Cloud API integration capabilities and Active Directory permissions management passing potentially critical License Plate data to third-party, governmental, and proprietary databases. Adding onto the primary white and black list, BOLO lists can be populated via import files or flagged as vehicles of interest for multiple vertices including Mobile Surveillance Camera applications for Vehicle Repossession, Law Enforcement, Contractor Vehicle Tracking, Ports of Entry, Restraining Orders Alerting in Education, or Private Domestic Dispositions, amplifying inter-agency notifications for critical forward operating actions.

Bursting Active Response Konnector (BARK)