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Intelligent Cameras

  • Smarter Video Surveillance
    Intelligent Cameras

Only the Best Decentralized Smart Cameras


  • NO SINGLE POINT OF FAILURE. Our cloud software-as-a-service doesn't require any on-prem servers, control boxes, or port-forwarding. Every camera has its own secure cloud link.
  • RECORD & RESPOND - EVEN WHEN THE INTERNET IS TEMPORARILY OFFLINE. Local intelligence such as Activity Alerting or Person Detection can alert, act, and protect even if your connection to the cloud is interrupted or offline. Audio Alerts and local controls stay functional as long as power and local LAN are available
  • ARCHITECTURE THAT IS TRULY SCALABLE AND RESILIENT. A decentralized flat architecture is not only infinitely more scalable and easier to upgrade, but it's also much less complex to set up, configure, and maintain. This means higher uptime, a lower initial acquisition cost, and lower operating costs.

The World's Best Camera Brands for the World's Best Cloud Surveillance Platform

Choose from the world's most secure decentralized, cloud-enhanced, NDAA-compliant cameras.

Mobotix IOT


Mobotix Move


Axis Cloud



Universal Camera




Camera-to-Cloud in under an hour. 

Use our free auto-config tool & test drive your cameras for up to 30- days FREE!


IPTECHVIEW Pre-Configuration Includes an Upgrade to a Premium Surveillance-Certified 128 GB SD Card

Leverage Expert Project Engineers

Pick It.
Hang It.

Some stickers mean something. IPTECHVIEW Ready™ devices give you time savings and the convenience in leveraging our project engineers and not having to get certified on your first projects. All your edge devices are chosen with you, pre-assembled for you, configured to your specification, and added to your IPTECHVIEW cloud account. Plug it in and you're good to go.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to set up the IPTECHVIEW Cloud Surveillance Platform?

With our Camera-To-Cloud feature, setting up the IPTECHVIEW Cloud Surveillance Platform is a breeze. You can test drive your decentralized IP cameras and have them up and running in under an hour using our free auto-config tool.

Can I use my existing cameras with the IPTECHVIEW platform?

While IPTECHVIEW supports many of the world's best camera brands, including Mobotix and Axis Cloud, it's recommended to check for compatibility. The platform is tailored for decentralized, cloud-enhanced, NDAA-compliant cameras for optimal performance.

Is the IPTECHVIEW platform compatible with all operating systems?

IPTECHVIEW is designed to be versatile. You can check with the IPTECHVIEW support team to ensure compatibility with your OS.

Can I access the platform remotely from my smartphone or tablet?

Yes, IPTECHVIEW is designed for remote accessibility, allowing users to monitor their decentralized IP camera system from smartphones, tablets, and other devices.

Is there a limit to the number of cameras I can connect to the platform?

One of the strengths of the IPTECHVIEW platform is its scalable and resilient architecture. This means it's designed to accommodate a range of camera deployments, from small setups to large-scale operations. However, consulting with IPTECHVIEW's technical support for specifics is always a good idea.

How secure is the IPTECHVIEW platform and my camera footage?

Security is a top priority for IPTECHVIEW. Every camera has its own secure cloud link, ensuring no single point of failure. Additionally, even if the internet is temporarily offline, local intelligence features such as Activity Alerting and Person Detection remain functional, offering enhanced security and peace of mind.

Can I customize the recording and alert settings for each individual camera?

Yes, the IPTECHVIEW platform is built for customization. With features like Audio Alerts and local controls, cameras can alert, act, and protect even when offline. You can adjust settings to cater to the specific needs of each Mobotix camera or any other supported brand, ensuring optimal surveillance.