Monitoring Techniques to Help Diagnose Problems Early

In today's fast-paced world, time is of the essence - especially when it comes to discovering issues in IT or IP technology.  Time is something we can't buy and we will never get back, so it's important that we use it wisely.  Technology enables us to do so much more with the time we have (except social media, if you're anything like me those can be a major time-suck)! 

Remote monitoring & management (RMM) platforms fall in the category of technology that not only saves you time, but recognizes that the sooner you're able to diagnose a problem, the sooner you're able to fix them and get your customers back to kicking butt and taking names (not to mention, being extremely happy with your service).  IPTechView takes that even a step further and empowers you to not only diagnose a problem quicker, but see potential issues before they even occur. Early detection translates to less down-time, less down-time translates to satisfied end-users, and happy customers translates to recurring revenue. 

Enterprises and SMBs or the MSPs servicing them, need to have tools to monitor the many facets that keep businesses running, including but not limited to: servers, services running within those servers, network and network infrastructure and any other element in between.

It is not enough for monitoring and alerting systems to tell you that a service is down.  We need to know more details so we can determine a proper course of action without wasting time chasing ghosts.  The failure could be caused by the software including operating systems and applications, it could be a malfuntioning network switch or a router, it could be problems within the ISP or carriers impairing network connectivity beween servers and clients. In order to quickly diagnose an outage we need to monitor multiple elements at distinct layers of the OSI model, from network to application.  Implementing such monitoring provides the information needed for an intelligent decision on how to act, who to call and/or how to fix.

Proactive System Health Monitoring with IPTechView RMM

With IPTechView you can implement monitoring for SIP, HTTP(s) sites and HTTP(s) Apps, IPs and endpoints such as routers, cameras, IP phones, sensors, etc.  Extend your RMM efforts past just the PC and be the hero from everything on a desk to in a server room.  Don't let a platform determine your boundaries, determine your own.