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IPTECHVIEW™ is a great cloud tool to remotely monitor and manage supported devices.

No need to expose devices to the public Internet, No agents need to be installed, and No on-premise boxes to integrate supported devices makes it a unique solution. However, even though the list of supported devices is long, it will never include all devices, network gadgets found in today’s networks. IPT-SEC-Gate is the solution to that and makes IPTECHVIEW™ a universal, vendor, and model agnostic RMM platform.


IPT-SEC-Gate is an on-premise compact, business class, and affordable appliance that enables any device in a remote network that has a MAC address to be discovered and monitored; any
a device that has a GUI can be managed from the cloud thru IPTECHVIEW™.

The IPT-SEC-Gate can also run remote Speed tests on demand for you to assess the health of the network and ISP at that location.

If explicitly defined and allowed, the IPT-SEC-Gate makes a specific remote LAN device available to be securely connected to. Regardless of device type, manufacturer, or location, IPT-SEC-Gate puts the device’s web configuration interface at your fingertips.

Many IP devices do not have and will never have a native Cloud management solution. If they do, having many different types of devices and manufacturers makes life harder for IT managers and MSPs. Keeping up with multiple cloud management solutions becomes less manageable. When using IPTECHVIEW™ with the IPT-SEC-Gate, with one platform, Remote monitoring, and management of pretty much anything is now possible. Any device that has an IP and a management interface such as phones, multi-function printers, cameras, control panels, environmental sensors, thermostats, digital signage, switches, routers, access points, etc can be monitored and managed remotely!

IPTECHVIEW™ Transforms your Decentralized Edge-Devices
into Scalable Solutions


The IPT Secure Gateway gives you similar power to natively supported devices and provides secure access, monitoring & management for any device with a browser interface.