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Standing on a Cloud Platform

Understanding Security for Cameras, Video Surveillance, Access Control, and Video Door Stations

by Ralph C. Jensen

You might say Robert Messer has his head in the clouds. He is the founder and manager of IPTECHVIEW, and his goal has always been addressing the co-exisitence of the cloud and security solutions. His goal was a new platform selling components such as security cameras, NAS systems for video archiving and various VMS to resellers and installers.

“We saw that building out on-prem solutions for each client no longer made economic sense. The cost of designing, installing, configuring, and maintaining these solutions keeps increasing,” Messer said. “Needs and solutions are evolving faster and faster, and a cloud platform provides a better mechanism for delivering these solutions.

Many VSaaS players try to have a direct relationship with the end-user, weakening the reseller or installer's role or bypassing them. We observed this in VoIP telephony, and the same is starting to happen in video surveillance. We believe this is a mistake. End-users and SMEs need specialized staff to implement effectively. Especially with security cameras and access control, it's essential to have a local partner with experience for a successful installation,” he said.

Moreover, a long-term relationship between the end customer and their technology partner is essential to create value-added solutions. The initial installation is just the beginning. The actual value of the solution is developed over time after installation as people start using the system. This is where ideas on how to get the most out of it and maximize the platform come into play.

This is precisely why we designed the platform as a modular system that allows for rapid implementation and then enables the installer to assist with configuration and provide remote technical support throughout the project's lifetime, empowering resellers to create recurring revenue based on their own work.

The Surveillance Platform Designed for Installers and Technology Partners
The economic model of our solution is more aligned with the needs of the customer and the technology partner, bringing them together as long-term partners. In the cloud, instead of buying all the equipment and installing it at the client's location, spending a lot of money upfront, you only purchase the essential peripherals like cameras, and the rest is in the cloud as a monthly or annual subscription. This distributed payment model over time also makes it easier for the integrator to add their maintenance service, thus remaining actively and financially involved in the projects they sell.

In an era where surveillance solutions abound, with cheap, short-lived equipment or constant solution changes, installers and technology partners often navigate a sea of doubts and options. What emerges is a platform tailored to their needs, providing more continuity and support to offer long-term solutions.

Quick Deployment with Scalability
One of the most notable features of IPTECHVIEW is its ability for rapid deployment to introduce the solution quickly and cost-effectively. Cameras within our ecosystem are essentially "plug and play," allowing projects to get up and running at an impressive speed. However, this doesn't mean you are limited to a single solution.

“We offer connectivity to various leading market cameras like AXIS, Mobotix, and more,” Messer said. “As an economical and highly integrated solution, we also have our line of cameras called IPTECHVIEW UNIVERSAL. The platform is designed to start simply but can evolve into highly customized and complex configurations as needed.

A Universally Connectable System
The architecture of IPTECHVIEW is open, inviting seamless integrations with a wide range of devices and solutions. This includes access control systems, measurement devices, intercom stations, environmental sensors and building management solutions.

Robust Management and Remote Monitoring
Security, remote management, and health monitoring are at the core of IPTECHVIEW's infrastructure. Users can securely monitor and manage all elements remotely, whether it is peripheral devices or broader IP technology.

User-friendly on All Devices
IPTECHVIEW is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, catering to a diverse user base, from occasional staff to professional system administrators. Its interface remains consistent across multiple devices, whether multi-monitor workstations, laptops, tablets, or smartphones, making it easy to learn and use.

A Practical Approach to Artificial Intelligence
When it comes to AI capabilities, IPTECHVIEW takes a pragmatic stance. Instead of overemphasizing its AI features, the platform subtly incorporates them in a useful but not intrusive way. Users can leverage native in-camera AI support and cloud AI from integrated third-party add-ons, all on a per-camera basis.

How mature is this product, and how wide is the product being used?

“IPTECHVIEW has been live since Oct 2017 and has an uptime above 99,995%. We just released our third major update and customers are telling us they feel our product fulfills their needs and continues to grow,” Messer said. “In addition to the United States, IPTECHVIEW is also being used overseas in more than 20 countries by independent integrators. The company not only developed the product but also operates it worldwide from multiple redundant US and overseas regions. IPTECHVIEW is EU-GDPR compliant. For Europe, it is operated from data centers in Frankfurt and Paris.

“You can contact us through our website, IPTECHVIEW.COM. We always seek new partners seeking a better solution to expand their business. We have a special program for Security Installers, MSPs, and technology partners. Our partners have access to an initial online demonstration for their team, followed by a demo account to test some of their in-house cameras. Once new reseller/installer partners decide to embrace IPTECHVIEW as one of their core products, they can access demo cameras, cloud-ready POE switches, and more in our Partner Success Kit.”


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