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What Is An Environmental Monitoring System And How Does It Work

A system where you observe a specific environment with IoT devices and technology with motion sensors, humidity sensors, temperature sensors, etc., is an Environmental Monitoring System or EMS. This system is usually used for monitoring the electrical components of a data center. This is also used in businesses, factories, and other institutions for security purposes. 

An Environmental Monitoring System ensures that the space stays safe from any natural or man-made hazards. It also makes sure that all the technological components and the staff are at their best to work properly and efficiently. An EMS can help you keep all your physical components safe from fire, water, or any other hazards that might take place because of the environment. 

What Does It Do 

An EMS uses many IoT devices and sensors to operate. They are connected locally or over the cloud to make the whole EMS work properly. All of them work collectively towards the following details - 

EMS uses
  • Temperature: Temperature is the most important part of a data center. All the servers, storage, networking components, etc., play a role in the temperature of the space. If the temperature isn’t monitored properly, then even the slightest rise can cost the whole company a fortune in fixing the problems caused by the temperature issue. Apart from data centers, temperature sensors are used in this post-covid world to identify illnesses among the personnel. 
  • Motion: Motion sensors are one of the most important pieces in an EMS. They are used around the environmental parameters. They are used to detect unidentified people on the premises. These sensors are even used in people’s houses against intruders. This helps towards the safety and security of your company and data center. 
  • Airflow: Airflow is also a very important piece in a data center. If the airflow isn’t measured properly and if it isn’t enough, then the electrical components may not cool down enough for all of them to work efficiently. Your EMS makes sure to inform you of any changes in the airflow system before it damages any items. 
  • Humidity: Humidity is another crucial factor to monitor. Excessive humidity can build up condensation on the components, which may cause corrosion and short-circuit. But, even the opposite of that can build up electrostatic charge. So, your EMS keeps an eye on the humidity level so you don't have to deal with any of these issues. 
  • Smoke: In a fire situation, smoke alarms often make the power to have a shutdown. All the personnel and IT members are usually cleared from the building. After the situation is handled, it takes a lot of time to get the data centers up and running again. During this time, it can cost the company a lot of money because of the downtime. You can minimize the downtime for your data centers by implementing a proper EMS. 
  • Power: Power is most probably the most important part of a data center. Without power, your components are useless. You have to keep monitoring if all your equipment is getting the required power for operating. Sometimes, even with a UPS, you might experience electrical failures. That’s why it’s important to keep monitoring to ensure the correct flow of power. 

How Does It Work 

An Environmental Monitoring System uses many types of sensors and networking components like PoE Switches, Routers, etc., to build such security that helps to keep your environment safe. It uses three types of networks to operate. They are - Stand-alone Network, Distributed Network, and Complex Distributed Network. 

Environmental Monitoring
  • Stand-Alone Network: Stand-alone networks are used in medium-sized monitoring systems like hospitals. This network doesn’t use your LAN. It uses its own network, which makes it easy for your local IT to manage this network. 
  • Distributed Network: This network uses your LAN for connectivity, which makes all the data available to all the members of the network. But also, it makes it a little hard for the local IT to manage this network. Distributed Network EMS is used in medium to large-sized monitoring systems where data loss prevention is paramount. 
  • Complex Distributed Network: This network is the most complex EMS network and is used in large facilities. This uses your LAN for system access and control. This network requires a professional installation process to work properly. 


Typical security systems save you from tangible and visible threats and dangers. But an Environmental Monitoring System adds a great layer to your security. This level of security assesses the environment and protects you from many invisible risks. 


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