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Benefits of managing switches and POE switches remotely

All business switches have a GUI that allows them to monitor and configure a myriad of settings. The problem is they require an on-premise presence to manage them specifically for MSPs and multi-site networks. It could also be overwhelming monitoring and keeping track of all switch locations, addresses, and passwords. Cloud switches are a concept in which the switch is installed on premise and managed from the Cloud. As long as the switch has Internet access, its GUI can be accessed without any on-premise agent or port forward and 100 percent of settings are available for remote configuration.

Layer2 is the local network layer that involves MAC addresses and ethernet traffic. With this new agentless technology, Layer2 can be moved to the Cloud. Data can be accumulated and automatic intelligence decisions (with the use of AI) about traffic, security, and port status can be implemented in the near future.

IPTECHVIEW™ enables this. In addition to having direct access to the switch GUI without the need of a VPN or any remote in or screen sharing tool, with IPTECHVIEW, all port status and associated MACs in a switch can be seen in one screen so you know what is connected to each port. Quick control tools are available so ports can be powered Off/On or reboot of any PoE device.

The following business grade switches are supported:

  • Industrial 8 Port Gigabit PoE  - IPT0802V1
  • 8 Port Gigabit PoE - VigorSwitch P2100
  • 24 Port Gigabit - VigorSwitch G1282
  • 24 Port Gigabit PoE - VigorSwitch P1282
  • 48 Port Gigabit - VigorSwitch G2540x
  • 48 Port Gigabit PoE - VigorSwitch P2540x

We highly recommend you to try one of these new cloud managed switches and believe that these switches are more than worth the small premium. One trip to reboot a device in the lifetime of the device would most likely offset a price difference. You can quickly scan the full line of DrayTek POE Switches  in this clean two page datasheet.


CiroIPTECHVIEW Specialist