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How to use IP Video Intercom or Video Door-Stations to get good facial shots

MOBOTIX T26 - Much more than just a door station

Ask yourself, does this photo look familiar to you?

The best we can say is that this security camera did record someone entering this building but, at the same time, it is mostly useless since we don’t see the face of this intruder. The reason is simple, as it is custom, the security camera is mounted on the ceiling or higher on the wall looking downwards. People with caps or hoodies on won’t be captured the way we would need them to.

To counter that, the camera would have to be mounted much lower and looking straight at the person moving towards it. The problem with this as I see it is, that most business security cameras on the market are not made for this. They either look awkward at best or would be recognized as cameras at once. True, this last argument could be seen positively but even people with good intentions might feel bad about being monitored so bluntly.

A better way is to use a Video Door Phone or IP Video Intercom like a MOBOTIX T26. Here’s a photo of my own unit:

I’m not using it to open my door since the door doesn’t have an electric latch and wasn’t built for it. However, I do use it as a doorbell and as a security camera. 

When asking our integrators and other partners, most report that no one is identifying the door station as a security camera at all. It is assumed that it only comes into action when a button is pushed. This makes the T26 the perfect camera to research when a bad actor made it into the building and it is critical to identify this person. Users can go back to the door station camera video and use it to look for the video of that person and with high likelihood capture that person's face from the time he / she entered the area or building. Here’s a shot of me coming close to the door:

Even in a bad scenario with a strong backlight, this door station will get us a much more valuable picture.

Unfortunately my model is an older T25 but with newer models with WDR backlight issue would
Instead of looking down and only seeing the top of the cap I’m wearing, this shot shows my face and allows me to use this image in any way I see fit.

So, next time you’ll be charged with designing a video surveillance/security solution including entry/exit points, consider adding a video door station for both opening the door and also getting the close-up videos of people entering the facilities. Video Door stations deliver the perfect shot even if you don’t use the open door or the customer does not press the ‘call button’ at all.

To get the best deal, combine the MOBOTIX T26 with our IPTECHVIEW platform to monitor and manage your door stations remotely as well as to give your end-user the best and most comfortable way to use his or her system to its fullest potential. Best of all, with IPTECHVIEW you can mix and match your camera and access control solutions to create a true individual experience.


Christian Findt.