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Break Out of Single Silo Mentality

When I started working with channel partners years ago, one interesting and unique phenomena was that partners rarely ventured outside their technical comfort zones. Telephony partners seldom deployed surveillance solutions and security partners did not seek telephony opportunities. In short, partners tend to stay in their lane. However, with changes in customers’ expectations, converging IP technologies, fierce competition, and perhaps more importantly, companies like ABPTech simplifying deployment, maintenance, and support of multiple technologies, the traditional stovepipe mentality is rapidly shifting. As I stated in a previous post, customer and product diversification is a fundamental part of business survival

multi-silo solutions
Multi-silo solutions

Many telephony partners tell us they see competition increasing from many angles including direct to end user marketing by cloud solutions. To be able to present yourself as a universal IP Technology partner that can help your standing with customers as you can help with a wider range of their needs. As a more universal solution provider you stand out and will be seen as a more valuable partner than a service offering only a single solution.

At ABP we felt our reseller partners would hugely benefit from a remote management tool focused on all the IP Edge Devices we sell to help tie every thing more together. We envisioned a platform where our partners could visually see everything they sold and then securely manage it remotely. We envisioned a future were resellers would be more like technology partners to their customers providing ongoing remote support and configuration help to their customers on everything they sold. This was the beginning of the IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM project. First it was about the reseller seeing and securely being able to configure and manage the equipment he sold.

It all started with IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM a single pane of glass approach to remotely manage and monitor client endpoints and provide proactive IT services versus a break/fix model. Combined with ABP provisioning services, surveillance-focused partners can now expand into telephony with an on-premise or cloud-based approach, best in class end-point devices, and advanced communication applications like unified messaging which integrates voicemail, email, text, and unified communications. 

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE and IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM today helps partners capitalize on the synergy between all the multiple IP networking specialties and disciplines of Voice and Video, IP telephony, and surveillance without requiring them to stray too far outside of their existing capabilities or competencies. 

Over the last years we added an end-user side providing secure remote access to end-user applications.The IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE and IPTECHVIEW ACCESS.

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE allows partners to move up the value food chain by not only providing a robust, secure, and scalable security solution in the cloud but empowering end users to manage those devices, regardless of skill set. With IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE, setup, installation accessibility, and even analytics from a single interface have never been easier. The best part is all support can be done remotely in the cloud so we have your back.

IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE & SYSTEM: cloud-based central management on any device, anytime

For anyone in the phone space one of the easiest first steps is to add our video intercoms to your customers setup and at the same time start investigating your customers video surveillance solution. Does their solution have an integration to the alarm system so owners and managers can see in seconds what's going on? Almost every business has an alarm system but ALMOST NONE are integrated to their video surveillance. Most video surveillance is still on premise based. What if you could improve on all these topics with an easy to deploy cloud based solution meant for technology partners like you?

As always, ABP is here to support you. For partners interested in getting into surveillance, I highly recommend checking out IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE, getting a demo and then purchasing an inexpensive starter kit to deploy in your own office. Moreover, I would also suggest taking advantage of the demo kit for Fanvil video door stations and also new phone models with video to see the door station offered by several telephony vendors. You will get free pre-sales help and tech support on IPTECHVIEW to new partners to help you in your transition to becoming a versatile IPTECHPARTNER™ on the IPTECHVIEW platform.

Today IPTECHVIEW INC is a separate company you can follow them on LinkedIn and Twitter @IPTECHVIEW to learn more and stay informed a new releases, etc. The platform usage is free for resellers if they have active user subscriptions to their customer.

For more information on IPTECHVIEW, or any of the products and services discussed, feel free to reach out via email to for telephony or for surveillance. You can also call (972) 831-1600 ext 108 for telephony or ext 121 for surveillance. Call now to schedule a partner demo and special promotional offers. 

 As always, we are here to discuss opportunities and assist with your projects. 


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