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Compliant and Comprehensive Cannabis Live Video Surveillance Services

Regulatory Compliance

A concern that many cannabis and similar business managers have regarding surveillance is whether it is up to the task of the mandatory surveillance laws and other state-specific regulations.

Each and every tech and service from IPTECHVIEW can guarantee that it does precisely that by tracking and abiding by the legal codes, ensuring that our clients never have to deal with legal hurdles because of us.

State-specific Surveillance Coverage Standards.

In the USA, it can be a challenge for a cannabis business to keep up with all the video surveillance laws. After all, federal codes require that the selling points and goods in such businesses be under surveillance at all times. We understand that struggle and can assure you that our tech follows your state-specific surveillance standards.

It doesn’t matter where your business is situated since our installation, management, support, and other activities will be in accordance with the regulations and guidance.

Archival and Retrieval Aligned with Compliance Timelines.

Every state has rules regarding storing, managing, and retrieving video surveillance data in workplaces and businesses. It is to respect the privacy rights of the employees and keep everything confidential.

With our encrypted video feed, not only is the surveillance data access well-secured, but we also manage the retrieval of data in a legal manner.

Live Monitoring and Security

Even under tight security with guards and all, fighting hurdles like theft and other crimes can be daunting, given how criminals are unpredictable nowadays. Our live monitoring and security solutions can be your greatest weapon against any sort of crime occurring within your business ground.

24/7 Monitoring for Theft Prevention and Security.

We can assure 24/7 monitoring coverage, which ensures that thieves or other criminals won’t find a suitable time of the day for any ill move. Pairing that with our advanced analytics confirms maximum security for your cannabis business premise. Our all-time monitoring also will help you stay within the ‘24 24-hour surveillance’ rule by the federal agencies.

Access Control Integration for Restricted Areas.

Access control feature is a wonderful tech in businesses requiring restrictions and confidentiality, such as a cannabis dealership company. Since our innovative hardware and software can integrate with other means of surveillance and security measures, we can keep everything under one control unit.

As such, using the cloud access control feature, you can directly monitor your premises while controlling access to restricted spaces. And all that within the comfort of your home remotely.

Advanced Analytics

Intelligent video analytics as part of our service helps your business avoid dangers, accidents, crimes, and anything unexpected. One doesn’t have to be present in front of the monitor at all times. Since we integrate analytics into our system, our surveillance cameras can easily pick up any unusual activities, such as the following-

  • A person breaking in,
  • Fire, flood, or other hazards,
  • Dispute between workers,
  • Suspicious movements and theft, etc.

Upon detecting such events as above, it will directly notify and alarm the authorities. But that is not all about analytics.

Traffic Pattern Analysis for Optimizing Layout.

One unique advantage of analytics is that it can track and analyze traffic patterns and crowds. At your request, we can integrate such artificial intelligence into the system. So, next time you are planning any expansion of your cannabis business or changing any layout, you can have a live traffic pattern feed and plan by it for a higher sale.

Plant Growth and Health Monitoring Analytics.

Worried about guards and workers not being up to the task of monitoring the growth of a large number of plants? Well, leave that task to IPTECHVIEW’s live surveillance solutions. Not only can its analytics keep track and records of the plant’s growth, but it also can detect any unusual happenings with its health, notify the workers, and help you find a solution quicker.

Customization for Every Facility

As we all know, not every solution will suit every type of facility. As such, our experienced IPTECHpartners and experts can customize the tech around the unique and innovative layout of your business premises.

Enjoy the aid of specific software in our analytics and system that can guarantee that all your different activities and operations run smoothly. Surveillance isn’t just a security measure for us but also a means for keeping track of the well-being of your plants, products, workers, and business.

Modular Design for Easy Customization.

Our surveillance system features a modular design. Each module can be specific to each facility in your business. So, when any need arises, we can make changes to that specific module without touching or altering any other part of the system. It will guarantee simplicity, speed, and straightforwardness of the process.

Data Security and Storage

While many struggle with the security feature of video data in their service, IPTECHVIEW can provide a cutting-edge solution to this concern. The encrypted private tunnel the video feed goes through can keep everything out of reach of any unauthorized access.

Once it reaches the cloud storage for future access, it also stays secured and only accessible to the members of your business that you allow.

Encrypted Storage and Transmission of Video Data.

Both the data transmission and storage by IPTECHVIEW keep everything encrypted throughout the process. On top of that, we also keep a 2-step verification for extra measures. You can rest assured that whether it is your business secrets or the information of your sales and workers, it will be kept under wraps. 

Scalable Infrastructure

Scalability is one key feature we offer. A business won’t remain still, and we wish for your continuous growth. But we can’t stay behind either, so we ensure that our surveillance infrastructure scales with the growth of your service.

Capacity to Add Cameras or Integrate New Facilities.

New facilities and subsidiaries will follow the growth of your cannabis business. But worry not, as we can install new cameras without any limits and need for new cloud storage. The additions aren’t only limited to cameras but any other demand, such as customized analytics or specific features.

Get custom, specific, and compliance assistance from IPTECHVIEW starting now and take your cannabis business’ security to a new height


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