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Automotive Dealership Remote Video Surveillance

Theft and Vandalism Prevention

Businesses like automotive dealerships work with valuable properties, making their security a top concern for the owners. I

nvestment in a thought-out surveillance system is one ideal method to fight against any oncoming threats.

IPTECHVIEW’s smart access control and live monitoring can guarantee that no unauthorized access will happen within your business areas.

Its analytics will bring that security to a maximum height. It also works as a great deterrent for unwanted ones.

Perimeter Surveillance and After-Hours Monitoring.

Thieves, robbers, and other criminals find after-hours the perfect moment for any crime. However, while security guards are not as reliable, surveillance cameras are. With a 24/7 live recording and monitoring solution, you won’t have to worry about your valuables, whether the bright of day or the dark of night.

Our cameras provide the optimal coverage needed to monitor your whole business perimeter. We ensure that no blind spot remains, leaving no ground for any individual to hide and lay in waiting.

Operational Transparency

Other than security, having monitoring devices across your business premises means the assurance of better customer service. One can track how the daily operations are going while checking whether the customers are getting what they want.

By using advanced analytics, our surveillance devices can do more than just monitor; they can track, record, and display data that would be difficult for a human being.

Monitoring Showrooms and Service Areas for Operational Excellence.

The tedious task of managing multiple guards or staff is no more, as one person can monitor the entire showroom with IPTECHVIEW’s video surveillance cameras. When observing the service area, the authorities can document what their customers are more into and use that information to elevate their business.

Easy Installation and Integration

Installation of a surveillance system has never been easier before, as we feature a serverless and BYOD method. BYOD means bring your own device, where you can access the live monitoring with your own smartphone without the need for additional monitoring hardware.

Also, the absence of a server makes it easier to install quicker, as we only utilize cloud-based storage. So, there will be no stress in retrieving your video data from any on-site recorder.

Pre-configured Cameras for Immediate Use.

We bring pre-configured cameras to your premises for installation. Regardless of the purpose, shape, and size of the camera, they will be ready to use outside the box. As such, our expert IPTECHpartner can install them swiftly, explain everything to the authorities, and be done in no time.

It will also allow you to remove any camera and re-install it in the future if necessary. It is something that would be tricky with a non-configured camera, as one would need to disassemble and reassemble it when removing or installing.

Integration with Inventory Management Systems.

IPTECHVIEW not only provides featureful cameras and surveillance technology but also can be compatible with the hardware of other dealer systems. As such, you can join smart access control, analytics, smart alarm, and other features with our cameras. Since all surveillance devices can be integrated into one system, their management becomes so simple.

Vehicle Safety and Damage Accountability

When IPTECHVIEW says they provide innovative analytics, it proves the words. Artificial intelligence integrated into our system can track any danger or damage to the vehicle and notify the staff member immediately.

Tracking of Car Movements and Condition Verification.

Whether it is a slow tracking or a fast one, IPTECHVIEW’s video analytics has got you covered. The cameras can monitor and record the way a car is moving, any disturbance in its sound, damages or collisions, and flames or hazards. Upon noticing anything abnormal, it will alert the person in charge.

Adaptive Solutions for Different Dealership Sizes

Most great things start from the bottom. The service of IPTECHVIEW is open for car dealerships of any size. Whether you require a couple of cameras or hundreds, we can manage it and bring it under one control management.

Even if your business was small before and is now growing with expansion and new facilities, we can also easily integrate new cameras into the system since our surveillance technique has adopted a modular design. No camera or device on your other facilities will be touched during this process unless you want to.

You can have a full demonstration of our system and review how it will improve the security of your car dealership from right here!


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