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EBT Proactive Alert Feature

IPTECHVIEW's MxLINQ  “EBT Alert feature”  is a cloud solution that enables proactive notifications on all Skin/Body Temperature alerts as well as logging of all access control & Elevated alerts with event snapshot & video verification. The new EBT module also sends alerts of specific thermal cameras and IOT sensors to designated users by SMS, Email or SLACK as well as log actions. This incredible ROBUST REMOTE MANAGEMENT OPTION - EBT feature can help safely reopen and manage workflow protocols from the palm of your hands.

EBT proactive alerts work both on IOT devices and thermal cameras.


The Kentix SmartXcan body temperature IOT sensor offers a safe, automated, and intuitive pre-screening solution for elevated skin/body temperature. With embedded intelligence, the Kentix SmartXcan provides contactless skin surface temperature measurements with high precision – measuring over 1,000 points via the eyes and forehead. Based on the sensor readings, the Kentix SmartXcan can be configured to admit or refuse entry and can be paired with an IP camera, With the option to purchase with or without an integrated RFID reader, it can be configured to work with existing access control systems. Kentix's SmartXcan body temperature sensor can monitor up to 700 people per hour and high throughput of over 500 people/hour. 

The Kentix SmartXcan is a complete system that operates as a standalone and is completely self-sufficient once installed and set up. As a result, configuration changes or updates can be carried out very easily with IPTECHVIEW’s MxMSP MxLINQ in real time.


The Mobotix Thermal Camera offers a Unique Video prescreening solution that can be optimized for the normal Human Body Temperature's range. MOBOTIX Thermal Cameras being an intelligent decentralized computer with thermal sensors can be used for specific and unique solutions. With the ability detect atmospheric temperatures to proactively update camera settings and control thermal temperature display ranges to mask out temperatures that are not relevant. The camera allows us to define sensitivity of the thermal sensor and combine it with logic events  to develop a solution that is extremely flexible and capable. The mobotix thermal camera is an effective preventive measure and valuable aspect in the protection against viruses that are being spread by people showing elevated body temperatures.

Paired with groundbreaking MxLINQ EBT feature, special users such as (HR staff, Management etc.) can be notified instantly via SMS, EMAIL if temperature threshold is reached with event snapshots and videoclips. A striking simple cloud solution to screen fever/elevated body temperature

Help your customers reopen safely with pre-screening solutions that are easy to use and work by limiting transmission of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

Add the MxLINQ EBT solution to preparation and protecting the workplace. 


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