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Embrace IPTECHVIEW as Your Unified Platform for a Diversity of IP Solutions

A single platform for all your IP technology projects is a game changer for resellers and installers in the IP technology market. It will provide time savings, reduces your team's learning curve, and has the potential to expand your current business model.


IPTECHVIEW, is a platform designed to offer Technology Partners a comprehensive ecosystem that caters to a diverse range of needs, from video surveillance to access control. In this blog, we delve into why embracing IPTECHVIEW is a strategic move that can significantly benefit your business.

A Unified Platform for Diverse IP Solutions:

IPTECHVIEW stands out as a singular, cohesive platform that provides access to an array of IP technology solutions. This integrated approach means you can offer your clients various services, from surveillance to intercom systems, without the need to juggle multiple platforms. The benefit? A streamlined learning curve for your team and a more efficient service delivery to your clients.

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Optimized Installation and Maintenance:

The beauty of IPTECHVIEW lies in its simplified, pre-tested, and pre-configured solutions. This means installations are faster and more efficient, allowing your team to handle more projects with fewer resources. The result is an uptick in productivity and profitability.

Upselling and Long-term Customer Relationships:

With IPTECHVIEW, you’re not just selling a product; you’re offering a long-term solution that evolves with your customers’ needs. Many clients who start with one solution often expand to others over time, opening avenues for upselling and fostering enduring customer relationships.

Enhanced Remote Service Capabilities:

The platform isn’t just about installation; it’s also about ongoing support. IPTECHVIEW’s remote management capabilities mean you can provide immediate, efficient support, reducing the need for physical site visits and enabling you to serve a wider geographic area more effectively.

Recurring Revenue Model:

With IPTECHVIEW, you’re equipped to offer remote support plans, creating a steady stream of recurring revenue. This model not only ensures steady cash flow but also strengthens customer trust and reliance on your services.

Innovative Product Offerings:

Take, for instance, the UNIVERSAL cameras – designed for ease of installation and cloud management, or the MobileBASE CAM, which revolutionizes rapid deployment with its LTE capabilities. These are just a few examples of how IPTECHVIEW stays at the forefront of innovation, providing you with cutting-edge tools to meet your clients' needs.

Cybersecurity and Device Management:

In an era where cybersecurity is paramount, IPTECHVIEW offers solutions like SECGate and CAMGate, ensuring secure management of various devices. This not only adds a layer of security for your clients but also positions you as a provider who prioritizes and understands the importance of cybersecurity.

Customizable Access Control Solutions:

From keypad and cloud controller integrations to Bluetooth Low Energy locks, IPTECHVIEW’s access control solutions are designed to be flexible and adaptable, catering to a wide range of installation environments and customer requirements.

Future-Proof and Scalable:

IPTECHVIEW is designed to be serverless, scalable, and free from vendor lock-in, ensuring that you and your clients are always at the cutting edge of technology, ready to adapt and expand as the market evolves.

A VSaaS Solution that Protects Channel Partners Interests

IPTECHVIEW was created to be the reseller and installer’s cloud answer to the classical cloud company solution that takes full control of the project and customers. With IPTECHVIEW the technology partner is always the lead and owns the customer relationships.

The platform was actually designed for resellers to enable them to provide remote service plans and sell their own services as recurring revenue. IPTECHVIEW does not have a service offering for end-users and only provides tier 2 service to IPTECHVIEW partners. 

IPTECHVIEW has no single vendor lock-in and partners can whitelabel the platform and create their own solutions to manage a wide range of devices and solutions. 


IPTECHVIEW is more than just a platform; it’s a comprehensive ecosystem designed to propel resellers and installers to new heights in the IP technology market. By adopting IPTECHVIEW, you’re not only simplifying your operations but also positioning your business for growth, scalability, and long-term success. Embrace IPTECHVIEW and transform the way you approach IP technology solutions.


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