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IPTECHVIEW's CAMViewer: Bridging On-Premise Quality with Cloud Surveillance Efficiency

IPTECHVIEW's CAMViewer is a first among VSaaS players in the industry. This Cloud Managed live Video Streaming Adapter is a game-changer for organizations going to the cloud.

The IPTECHVIEW CAMViewer is an industry-first in VSaaS, expertly blending the best of both worlds: the high-resolution, high-frame-rate local viewing of traditional on-premise systems and the modern efficiencies of cloud surveillance. Unlike typical cloud video surveillance products that compromise video quality due to bandwidth constraints, the CAMViewer locally delivers direct, high-quality video streaming without the bandwidth drain yet is fully cloud-managed. This innovation allows organizations to enjoy the cost efficiencies and centralized management benefits of cloud-based systems without sacrificing the video quality and speed they've come to expect from legacy on-premise solutions. IPTECHVIEW's CAMViewer is the ultimate solution for businesses seeking to enhance their surveillance capabilities with cloud technology while maintaining top-notch local image quality.


The CAMViewer is an on-premise live video streaming appliance that connects to any monitor or TV over HDMI to show a 4K Video Wall of local cameras.

This powerful yet compact appliance is designed so that owners of an IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE (Cloud VMS) can effortlessly see 24/7 live video streams of compatible cameras to any monitor or TV without needing a PC. With its sleek and elegant design, it seamlessly integrates into any environment and turns a TV in a manager's office into his personal video wall on demand.

Each unit can be configured remotely and managed by power users to show a grid and the cameras that present them precisely what they need in the format they need. In the case below, the user put emphasis on watching an entrance, a will-call area, and his warehouse.

The IPT-CAMViewer is a fully cloud-managed plug-and-play IP camera video decoder appliance. The unit gets preconfigured and can be adjusted and set up over IPTECHVIEW SYSTEM's remote management interface. Administrators and power users can configure grid layouts for all their CAMViewers remotely. The device will then operate like a local system, connect to the cameras,  and show local video streams at up to 30 FPS for up to 24 simultaneous video feeds.

Although IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE is a cloud-based platform, this unit performs its day-to-day visualization as a local device and with a direct local connection to the cameras. This reduces bandwidth consumption and provides viewers with quality and low-latency video streams.

This provides users with natural-looking fast video and a comprehensive situational awareness. It can also be used as a deterrent in retail or convenience stores to show that a high-quality video system is live.

Whether you are monitoring a large office space, a manufacturing facility, a school, or even a retail store, this appliance ensures that you never miss a moment. Its ability to decode main and high-profile H.264 RTSP video streams guarantees crystal-clear image quality, allowing you to see every detail with precision.

One of the standout features of the IPTECHVIEW CamViewer is its ability to relay multiple source streams over a single RTSP connection. This means that you can effortlessly manage and monitor various IP security cameras from a single device, streamlining your surveillance operations and providing users with exactly the view they need.


With its cloud-managed capabilities, you easily access and control the appliance remotely, providing you with the flexibility and convenience of setting the unit up. In terms of specifications, this device is impressive. The HDMI port supports resolutions of up to 7680x4320 @60Hz, ensuring you experience stunning visuals. The robust quad-core ARM Cortex processor, equipped with 8GB LPDDR4X RAM and 32GB eMMC storage, is ready to handle even the most demanding surveillance tasks. The IPTECHVIEW software solution on this appliance enables local video to be remotely managed and, that way, provides high frame-rate viewing and low bandwidth usage on your cloud-based system and supports the use of multiple IPT CamViewers at a single location. The unit's Ethernet port auto adjusts up to  2.5G to ensure fast and reliable connectivity. The unit includes extensive remote management features and is health monitored. Its modest annual subscription includes advanced warranty replacement (during the first three years) and regular remote firmware updates that include new features as these get delivered.

The unit comes in a CNC-grooved aluminum metal case that is fanless and silent yet provides durable protection. It is built to withstand the rigors of continuous operation, ensuring that your surveillance system remains up and running at all times.

In conclusion, this live video stream decoder is the intelligent choice for businesses seeking a reliable and efficient solution for their video surveillance needs. Its ability to seamlessly connect to TVs or monitors, the capability to display up to 24 live video feeds, and its powerful specifications make it an invaluable asset. 

With this cloud-based video surveillance system, users will never be blind during a network failure and will always continue to see their local cameras. 

Add IPT-CAMViewer-ONE to your deployment to take your video surveillance capabilities to the next level.

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