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Securely Place Single PTZ Cameras Into Places With Just Cameras And Cloud™

No server and no port forwarding. Just cameras and Cloud ™

Installing one or two Security Cameras is always a challenge. Selecting the camera is the easy part, the hard part is to get the camera installed in a safe and professional way and connect it securely so its video can be securely accessed by authorized users, the camera can record and ideally be maintained remotely.

To put one or two cameras on a local system doubles the price and if such a system is not available over the cloud one loses most of the value of the camera. If it is available over the cloud then why not eliminate the server and let the cameras themselves operate securely with a dedicated professional cloud platform that is purpose-made and has security built-in by design.

The IPTECHVIEW platform is known for its secure remote camera management and also for its camera access providing secure access, alerts based on in-camera AI,  secure cloud storage, and a cloud-based VMS. One of the big advantages of the platform is the fact that it is designed for fast and intuitive user adoption. It literally requires no training which means that guards or managers can access and see what they need to see starting from their first shift.

Now the IPTECHVIEW Video Surveillance in the cloud platform supports PTZ cameras from AXIS Communications as well as from MOBOTIX. A few additional NDAA-compliant PTZ models will be coming soon.

IPTECHVIEW scales from single cameras per location to 100s of cameras per single location and if needed 1000s of locations.

The system is cloud-based and uses secure tunnels and redundant storage in both SD-Cards and encrypted cloud storage which makes rolling out PTZ cameras to multi-site projects as easy as 1.2.3.

Watch PTZ cameras being controlled and watch over the cloud. This can be done on users' devices of choice on the browsers only with no software download needed.

PTZ function is currently supported on Android and iPhones, pads, chrome books, laptops, and desktops.

Call to test the system for free with your existing AXIS PTZ camera. Offer available in US and Canada for AXIS Partners, Mobotix Partners, and local independent IPTECHPARTNERs. 

International customers call IPTECHVIEW to find local in-country distributors where available.

Find more on IPTECHVIEW.COM or call us for more detail at +1-972-220-1110