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Shopping Center Real-Time Video Surveillance

Crime Prevention and Safety

Having surveillance cameras is akin to always having an eye monitoring the entire mall. Not only can the IPTECHVIEW cameras deter criminals from making any bad move, but they also can catch the ones who dare to do so. Lesser crime means higher public safety.

High-Traffic Monitoring and Emergency Response Capabilities.

While it can be difficult for guards to keep track of every single person in a crowd in the shopping center, our capable cameras with analytics can track everyone and detect any unusual movement by anyone within its coverage. It doesn’t delay in alerting the security team when something goes amiss.

Customer Behavior Insights

Do you want to know what products your customers are into and which ones they are avoiding? Well, you can do the former by tracking your sales, but the latter is tricky. But worry not, as IPTECHVIEW’s intelligent monitoring system can get that job done!

Our cameras can document which corners of the shopping center are getting more foot traffic and how customers are interacting with different products. These can be valuable insights and information in your business.

Heat Mapping and Dwell Time Analytics for Marketing Insights.

The IPTECHVIEW surveillance system doesn’t rely only on its footage but also on other features, such as heat mapping. Observing the state of your customer’s trends and dislikes will be a breeze when using a heat map.

We use dwell time technology, where you can monitor which products are ignored by your customers the most in clear documentation. No need to spend extra on keeping these records.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems

The compatible technology from IPTECHVIEW won’t feel like something extra or out of your operation but a part of your whole management system. Our customers don’t need to spend their time and resources on additional personnel to handle the surveillance system.

Compatibility with POS Systems and Digital Signage.

Thanks to our tech’s integration with POS systems, you can enjoy a highly flexible surveillance and security layout within your premises. Keep live updates of your transaction point with the assistance of IPTECHVIEW.

Since it is possible to join our cameras and software with digital signage, you can have the complete database of your business information in a clear, comprehensive, and appealing manner as necessary.

Reliability and Storage

Encrypted cloud storage with backup features ensures that no file gets lost in the unfortunate event of any accidental deletion. Only the authorized ones can access and retrieve the files from the archive, and nobody else will even be able to get into the server, let alone see anything.

Reliable & Redundant Cloud Storage Solutions to Safeguard Against Data Loss.

Cloud storage is already a safe and secure solution to data archival. However, we boost its reliability by adding our own security measures to the server. Redundant cloud storage means that the data remains duplicated across multiple drives. So, if one or two gets lost, the data will be intact in the rest.

Multi-Location Management

We understand that businesses like shopping centers and retail shops can have multi-location or multi-state facilities.

However, our usage of cloud servers as storage and access allows us to integrate the security feed of all your facilities across different locations into one server.

Centralized Control for Multi-Location Chains.

No need to go back and forth in checking different stores and shopping centers you own when you can check all within one monitor with a user-friendly interface. We can provide as many cameras as you want, regardless of the number of your business premises.

Contact us to review the importance and advantages of surveillance systems for your property.


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