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Cloud Storage for Surveillance Video

IPTECHVIEW approach to recording is unique. We believe IPTECHVIEW offers the simplest, most resilient solution in the market. Decentralized intelligence allows for in-camera edge recording which acts as a buffer and allows for asynchronous cloud upload for permanent and much more reliable storage.

Asynchronous recording events uploads make the system resilient against transient networking or bandwidth issues. The ability to limit the bandwidth used by cloud storage uploads and setting schedules allows the customer to protect their bandwidth, preventing the cloud storage surveillance from taking over all available bandwidth and rendering other applications unusable.

There is no need for any additional on premise hardware or gateway eliminating single point of failure and reducing hardware, installation and maintenance costs.

Motion and intelligent event detection including AI analytics happens in the camera, Without any additional on premise servers.

Storing video on local Server, NAS or even in Memory is less reliable, less accessible and in the end more expensive than in the cloud. 

Most people that use Cloud Storage for other applications, for example, dropbox, Google Drive already realized the tremendous benefits of not depending on Local Storage. Benefits for using Cloud Storage for surveillance applications are not different.

Rigid and limited storage options are a thing of the past. With IPTECHVIEW Cloud Recording the user has the ability to decide how long wants to keep the recordings and storage limits can be raised/reduced in seconds without any downtime, truck roll or additional hardware.

Local storage is prone to more errors, hardware is costly to maintain and over time discs do fail. Local equipment needs secure space, uses energy and is one more thing that needs to be installed and fails. On the other hand IPTECHVIEW Cloud Recording files are redundantly stored across three separated data centers offering tremendous data durability, i.e. for every 10 million video clips stored in the cloud, you can, on average, expect to incur a loss of a single clip once every 10,000 years!

Cameras could be physically destroyed but recordings that make it to the cloud will live for as long as the customer chooses.

Video footage is secure and encrypted following the most strict data security standards, when data is moving or at rest.

With IPTECHVIEW Cloud Storage enterprise features, organizations can choose to store all video footage in their own Cloud storage Infrastructure provider (now supported AWS S3 bucket, others in the roadmap). That way, organizations with more strict security standards can control all the stored Video and define their own IAM access rules and recordings retention/lifecycle. 

Remotely retrieving Video Surveillance in IPTECHVIEW Cloud Storage is faster than any hardware solution as data is distributed among multiple data centers and can be accessed thru multiple load-balanced front-end servers.

Redundancy & Resilience

Cloud Storage ensures access to all recorded video even if access to cameras is no longer available. All our cameras have at least a 64 GB in-camera video that provides  2-4 weeks of video for most use profiles. 


Today most of our banking is done online. This is made possible by encryption. IPTECHVIEW sends all video content in encrypted tunnels the same way our banks communicate with us and keeps all video files stored in the cloud in an encrypted form.

Unique Technology 

IPTECHVIEW AVAS™ (Adaptive Video Access Storage) has developed a proprietary adaptive video access technology to ensure effective cloud storage performance in a wide variety of connectivity environments.

This enables us to perform cloud-based video surveillance even in relatively low bandwidth environments where most other solutions fail.