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Canada's SafewithUlli Recommends IPTECHVIEW MxMSP & MxLINQ to Improve Service, Boost Business

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An ABP Technology Interview with Safe with Ulli, Inc., Superior Security Solutions of Alberta

MOBOTIX decentralized concept of IP video surveillance. Thirteen years of experience in the security industry - including residential and commercial alarm systems, access control, fire panel monitoring, and security cameras - combined with a can-do attitude, has evolved Safe With Ulli into the leading provider of cutting-edge video solutions and physical access control to protect against theft and vandalism in Northern Alberta.

SafewithUlli uses a consultative approach, customizing security solutions with the client's satisfaction always in mind. Because of their dedication to customer satisfaction, SafewithUlli was among the first MOBOTIX Partners invited to participate in ABP Technology and IPTECHVIEW's development of the MOBOTIX remote monitoring and management platform, MxMSP and MxLINQ. Ulli shared her review of MxMSP and MxLINQ and how the cloud-based solution has improved their service, business, and revenue.

What is your experience with MOBOTIX video surveillance cameras?

I always recommend MOBOTIX products. MOBOTIX is my number one go-to product. It simply is the best solution on the market when it comes to optimal protection and value.

How has the MxMSP platform, developed by IPTECHVIEW, improved your business?

MxMSP provides me instant access and an organized overview of all of my installation projects. Having instant access to every single camera has helped me with my presentations and has helped me land new clients which means new business. It's also been a great source of recurring revenue which is very important.

What has impressed you most with MxMSP and MxLINQ Cloud as you have become familiar with the platform?

Ease of mind that the system health of my clients is constantly being monitored. The early warnings that the MxMSP platform delivers allow me to take preventative steps to avoid system failure. This adds an important layer of protection and service that I can provide for my customers. It's also really impressive to have instant access to a vast amount of cameras.

Would you recommend MxMSP to other MOBOTIX Partners?

Absolutely! Impress your clients with value-added service; take stress off of your shoulders; and discover the potential for recurring revenue.

Safe with Ulli, Inc.
Edmonton, Alberta -Canada

Ulli Robson

ABP Technology

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