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Ideally your camera has been provisioned to connect to MXMSP or IPTechview platform by your distributor.

If that is not the case or you have an existing camera there is few simple steps to follow. We have provided a provisioning tool in the portal you can download and run in any computer that has access to the camera GUI.

Step 1: Download the provisioning tool from your MXMSP Portal

Step 2: Execute the file. Depending on your machine security settings, a security warning might pop up. You need to accept and let the application run. The mx_msp application is secure has been digitally signed. You can verify that by looking at the file properties - Digital Signatures. Picture It might take a couple seconds for the provisioning tool to run.

Step 3: Enter the camera IP, Username and Password and Click on the Blue Button to provision the camera. Note : It your camera's GUI uses a port different than 80 or you have access thru a different port forwarded to the camera include the port in the address field in the following format IP:port i.e. Picture It might take up to 10 seconds for the camera to be provisioned

Step 4: Verify that the operation was successful. You are done. Now you can go to your MXMSP portal to add the camera. Instructions for that are provided in this FAQ