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New Varifocal Universal Cameras now Complete a Full Cloud-Direct Product Line for Surveillance

A year ago, IPTECHVIEW revolutionized the security installers world with the introduction of the business-grade cloud-direct UNIVERSAL camera line, initially with the launch of a five-camera family. These cameras were not just another addition to the market; they were innovatively designed to accompany our multi-vendor strategy, providing partners with a value line option alongside their more specialized cameras.

This year, we are thrilled to present a significant expansion to the UNIVERSAL camera line, with the addition of two robust varifocal cameras. This completes the line, empowering resellers with a comprehensive, cloud-direct solution that integrates seamlessly with the IPTECHVIEW platform.

UNIVERSAL dome varifocal and bullet varifocal cameras
New addition to the UNIVERSAL camera line: dome varifocal and bullet varifocal

Shipping fully assigned to the installation partner or drop shipped to his project, these cameras come ready for connection. They automatically complete further configuration to align with partner account settings during initial installation and can be managed and fine-tuned remotely.

In today's ever-changing hybrid work environment, remote access to high-quality video isn't a luxury; it's a necessity. From production oversight to quality control, anomaly detection, and workflow optimization, secure and easy access to detailed visuals has become invaluable to organizations of all sizes. IPTECHVIEW's Cloud-Direct UNIVERSAL cameras are a perfect fit with their fast deployment, server-less installation, and a simple yet powerful user interface.

These state-of-the-art cameras come with 5MP sensors, boasting high color sensitivity in low light, WDR, a minimum of 128 GB of in-camera SD card storage, audio enablement, IR Illuminators, POE, and secure cloud management. 

UNIVERSAL camera line
UNIVERSAL camera line

Our UNIVERSAL cameras are tightly woven with IPTECHVIEW SURVEILLANCE, capable of providing instant alerts for the presence of people, vehicles, bicycles, and more, based on preset regions and times.

IPTECHVIEW is laser-sharp in its focus to provide a partner-centric cloud video surveillance platform, that includes robust and secure remote management. With this framework, an increasing number of installer partners are now thriving offering remote maintenance plans. These not only provide faster service and cost savings for everyone involved but also allow partners to build their own recurring income streams, fortifying both reliability and financial growth.

Join us in celebrating the completion of the 2023 UNIVERSAL camera line. IPTECHVIEW has prepared an exciting partner promotion for this fall. Don't miss out on this opportunity to upgrade and enhance your security and surveillance strategy! Details coming soon!

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