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Why Construction Site Security Cameras Are Essential Today

Construction materials have had an even higher inflation rate than the economy overall, and construction materials have become more valuable than ever.  They can be used by anyone and, when stolen, are hard to trace and ideal for thieves.

Theft has become a severe problem for builders and building owners. Building materials need to be protected from the public, employees, and even dedicated criminal organizations that specialize in targeting valuable construction materials.  The cost of material loss is estimated to be so high that literally, every construction site surveillance project will pay for itself just from the difference factor of having such a system.

The best way to protect construction sites is to put cameras on fixed poles when the job starts or on mobile trailers. Both solutions have their pros and cons. Poles are cheaper, they are fixed, and also are less evident as a deterrent unless marked very clearly. We need to remember that the system's value is not in having the perfect video of the crime, but rather in deterring crime from happening in the first place. When using poles, we recommend painting or wrapping them, so they call attention to them and imply surveillance and possibly an association with law enforcement. Like Blue flashers.

The second option is small trailers with poles. The first advantage here is mobility. Trailers also naturally seem to be more transient and are more visible than poles in the ground that blend in more with the construction. Transience implies that there may have been a recent incident that triggered surveillance and that there is a heightened sensitivity and vigilance. The latter perception may increase their value for deference and drive them to go elsewhere.  

Poles and trailers are best procured from a company that has experience in this field and has already done many projects. Whenever equipment is going to be used outside and exposed to the elements, it is essential to work with a company that knows what they are doing since water tends to find its way into any unprotected equipment and installers without experience in this field with have many issues and also not consider dust, cement and other construction site related issues from power fluctuations and outages to vibrations and accidents all leading to Miscalculation on the durability and efficiency of the solution.

Cameras of Choice for Construction Projects and Mobile Guard Systems

MOBOTIX cameras are great for this type of application for their longevity and durability in the construction environment but also for being highly visible due to their unique two-lens design. cameras. The security camera just looks like it has two eyes watching and seems more ominous than normal single camera lenses. Two lens M16 cameras have one color sensor for daylight and one-night black and wite sensor for night. MOBOTIX cameras last so long because they have no moving parts. They don't have the typical IR cut filter that is mechanically moved over the sensor internally on most cameras at night. This probably doubles the mean time between failure for these security cameras.

This camera also offers audio in and out and can be connected with a high-pressure amplified speaker that can be used to talk down to a suspect or "bad actors" in case of an incident. Another great alternative is the MOBOTIX S16 or S74, which provide two separate sensors that can  each be pointed in different directions. Some poles use two of these double camera systems to provide a 360-degree view composed by four separate 90-degree 6-megapixel sensors.

All in all, MOBOTIX cameras are very good for these projects. Their long lifetime and reliability provide both users and owners of cameras a much better ROI in this application than they will get from low-cost cameras.

Secure Remote Access and Remote Management of Security Cameras with IPTECHVIEW

Another vital aspect is remote access and remote management of the cameras. As an integrator or supplier of construction site poles or trailers, you want to ensure you can remotely identify and remediate any problems affecting the poles as soon as possible. You do not want to have any losses and be unable to provide the customer video footage due to the system being offline or failing to record.

IPTECHVIEW was created precisely for applications like this to help partners with this type of projects to have a way to monitor the health and manage all their cameras at all their locations. 

An additional benefit of IPTECHVIEW is also the fact that it provides customers with secure remote access to  their poles and trailer based cameras. Customers can even assign access rights to multiple different employees in their organization and use single-sign-on credentials so the company's email and password automatically become the access password for these employees. In case of anyone leaving or being terminated  their camera access will automatically expire as soon as their company email gets disconnected making user management on the platform super simple.

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